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5 Essential Skin Supplements For Glowing, Radiant Skin

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Give Your Complexion A Natural Boost With These Skin Supplements

It has been said that real beauty is found on the inside, and we couldn’t agree more. We also think that supporting those inner-beauty qualities with a healthy diet is the best way to radiate that you got it going on. Add healthful boosts from the below skin supplements and peeps will need to wear shades when you come around the corner. (We’re only kind of kidding). Here are our favorites for getting our beautiful complexion glow on – inside and out.

5 Best Skin Supplements For Natural Beauty

1. Krill Oil Can Aid In Collagen Production

Why: Krill is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which aid collagen production. Collagen is the protein powerhouse that smooths wrinkles and adds elasticity to the skin. Fatty acids also support skin moisture and can be helpful for treating skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

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Food Sources: Atlantic mackerel, salmon, cod liver oil, walnuts and chia seeds are foods that contain omega-3 fatty acid.

2. Black Currant Seed Oil Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Why: Black currant seed oil is rich in anti-inflammatory gamma-linolenic acid. In addition to promoting healthy, glowing skin, this fatty acid strengthens hair and nails and has been shown effective for managing some autoimmune disorders and PMS.

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Food Sources: Black Currants – though you’d have to eat a considerable amount to get the same GLA found in a supplement.

3. Fern Extract As Ingestible Sunscreen

Why: Yes, you read that right. Ferns can be eaten – at least in extract form. Consider this supplement an ingestible sunscreen. Ferns contain Polypodium Leucotomos Extract, which protects against sun damage and discoloration. If you live at a high latitude like we do or enjoy your fair share of sun soaking, this is a good one to pop daily.

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Food Sources: N/A

4. Vitamin C Can Help Reduce Free Radicals

Why: Sure, it’s great for fighting colds, but that’s not this classic’s only superpower. Vitamin C does wonders for the skin including supporting collagen production and neutralizing free radicals for a brighter complexion. Vitamin C can also even out skin tone and shield the skin against the visible impacts of pollution.

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Food Sources: Kale, Strawberries, Mango, Bell Peppers, Papaya, Broccoli

5. Resveratrol Protects Your Skin Against Environmental Damage

Why: This powerful antioxidant prevents collagen damage and protects the skin against environmental damage. Resveratrol is so effective for supporting youthful skin some beauty brands add it to topical treatments. You can also get its benefits in supplement form – which may be more cost-effective for your skin care supplement.

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Food Sources: Red wine, blueberries, dark chocolate, almonds

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