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Get Your Glow on with These 7 Beauty-Boosting Foods

Get Your Glow on with These 7 Beauty-Boosting Foods

If you are what you eat, you must also look like what you eat too, right? It’s hard to imagine that’s not the case when you consider that acne, under-eye bags and wrinkles are all associated with consuming excess sugar, refined grains, and trans fats. The good news is, once you ditch those foods and swap in healthier options, you can turn the clock around. Here are our favorites to help you glow from the inside out.

We love discovering new benefits of one of our favorite spices. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties that make it so useful for joint health also reduces the redness of blemishes and can calm rosacea.

TRY IT IN: Turmeric Milk

SpirulinaThis blue-green algae may not sound appetizing, but you can take it in pill form or add a teaspoon to your favorite smoothie. You won’t even know it’s there aside from its vibrant color. Whichever way you add spirulina to your diet, it’s well worth the effort.Spirulina offers a wealth of vitamins and minerals, which strengthen nails and make hair shine.

TRY IT IN: Green Spirulina Smoothie

Dark leafy greens
Not only are dark leafy greens like kale and chard great sources of fiber, they also deliver beta-carotene (you know, the antioxidant that’s also in carrots). In addition to supporting eye health, this powerful nutrient repairs skin cells to give you a youthful glow.

TRY IT IN: Kale-Apple Salad

Adding collagen, the connective tissue found naturally in bones, ligaments and tendons, to your diet may sound like a no thank you – until you see the research. According to two studies published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, collagen supplementation improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles around the eyes by as much as 20 percent. Even better, collagen has virtually no taste and makes healthy marshmallows, gummy candy and more.

TRY IT IN: Vanilla Marshmallows

You may not have heard of maca, but it’s a superfood on this rise for its many health benefits. In addition to helping with hormonal balance and boosting stamina, this powerful Peruvian root can reduce breakouts, strengthen hair and boost collagen production. Look for it as a supplement or powder.

TRY IT IN: Maca Truffles

Nutritional yeast
As if we needed another reason to love nutritional yeast. Our favorite seasoning for well, everything is an excellent source of B vitamins. That means while you’re licking the bottom of the popcorn bowl you’re also strengthening your hair and nails and helping your skin glow. Bad manners never looked so good.

TRY IT IN: Nooch Popcorn

You don’t need to ask us twice to double down on avocado. This creamy fruit is rich in vitamin E. We don’t often hear about this key nutrient but it’s the one that blocks free radicals that speed the aging process. Avocado also has B vitamins to keep skin glowing. Yes! and Yum!

TRY IT IN: Smoked Salmon and Egg Stuffed Avocado

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