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Recipes and tips to make your Thanksgiving menu a bit healthier

Recipes and tips to make your Thanksgiving menu a bit healthier

What if this year after your Thanksgiving feast rather than feeling tired and bloated you felt energized and fueled. Yes, it’s truly possible with a few minor tweaks to your menu and a couple better-for-you additions. Here’s how we plan to amend the holiday classics to truly support mind, body and soul.

Amend your Menu

1. Try a crisp instead of pie. You’ll cut calories from the crust and make room for more fruit. In the crumble on top try using coconut oil rather than butter.

2. Serve your turkey with a homemade pesto or seasoned yogurt rather than fatty gravy.

3. Instead of buttery mashed potatoes, serve sweet potato fries sprinkled with salt, pepper and lemon zest.

4. Use creamy Greek yogurt to make holiday dips.

5. Offer “spritzers” rather than soda. Mix seltzer water with your favorite juice–unsweetened of course.

From our kitchen to yours
Want to add a few better-for-you options to your menu? Start here. These taste-tested favorites are sure crowd pleasers.  

Squash and Fig Stew
If Fall were a dish, we bet it’d be this Squash and Fig Stew which captures the season with butternut squash and Made in Nature dried figs. Serve it as a side dish or alternative to turkey.  

Dried Cranberry and Roasted Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad 
Quinoa and kale deliver an additional nutritional punch to roasted sweet potatoes. Dried cranberries add a touch of sweetness. Consider swapping candied yams for this much healthier side. 

Fruity Pastry Pillows
These fruity pillows have just two main ingredients: puff pastry and your favorite Made in Nature Fruit. They’re a snap to prepare but guests don’t have to know. Offer a choice of apricot or cranberry for a cheery brunch treat. 

Dried Cranberry & Apricot Braised Lamb Chops 
Turkey’s not for everyone. Consider these holiday-ready lamb chops as an addition to the menu. A cranberry and pinot noire sauce peppered with sprigs of thyme is as delicious as it is festive.  

Should you have any questions as you’re preparing your holiday feast, we’re here for you. Submit questions below or you can connect with us via Facebook.

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