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Big Resolutions for Small Steps for Well-being in 2018

big resolutions

It’s that time of year when we begin thinking about what changes large or small we might cultivate to make the year ahead better than ever. There’s the common go-tos – drop 10 pounds, get organized, eat healthier – but research shows that when we approach goal setting from a place of guilt or shame, we’re less likely to stick to these habits. Instead, why not usher in 2018 thinking about what we want more of in our life, big resolutions, and small ways to get there.  It’s more motivating and more fun. Often, small steps can produce better results than complete life changes.

Our Guide To Smarter, Small Steps To Achieve Your Big Resolutions In 2018

Establish a Morning Routine

  • Banish digital devices from your room. Don’t let email or Facebook dictate your mood. Get the day started on your terms by choosing when to engage with tech.
  • Drink 16 ounces of water upon waking. The body is often dehydrated in the morning. If you start the day with coffee you’re further quenching your cells, since it’s a diuretic. Drinking up is a natural detoxifier and will help you think more clearly.
  • Get your OM on. Use those extra minutes saved from scrolling your device for adding 5 minutes of meditation. It’s a small way to make a large impact on your day.

Get Nourished. Check Out These Easting Resolutions

Take Tech Out Of The Driver’s Seat

  • Cull Your Instagram follows to under 100 people. Sure, your feed may be less exciting, but then you’ll have more bandwidth to experience the world’s beauty in real time.
  • Prioritize IRL relationships.  If you’re feeling lonely, social media is not your answer. Phone a friend, make a hiking/dinner/whatever date.
  • Follow Merriam Webster. Make tech work for you by teaching you new words. Merriam Webster tweets a new word every day. How prodigious!
  • Play brain games. If you’re filling time playing games (candy crush, anyone?) instead use the minutes to boost your brain. Download Elevate, Apple’s app of the year, to stay sharp, build confidence and boost productivity.
  • Limit your “social time.” Don’t let social media suck your time. Set a timer for the duration you want to spend on a platform and then kick yourself off when the time is up. Or, if cute kitty videos often best your self-control, allow an app to block these sites for you for a period of time.

Feel More Financial Freedom With Financial Resolutions

  • Stick to a budget. Need help? Consider a free class from YNAB (you need a budget this should be one of the big resolutions for everyone!).
  • Save more. Auto transfer money every pay period to a rainy day savings account.

Adopt Easy Hacks For Your Better Health Resolutions

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