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Your Healthiest Summer Bucket List Ever

summer bucket list

Tips to Maximize your Summer Bucket List

Don’t let the dog days dwindle before making the most of all that summer has to offer. For us, long days and warm nights translate to bountiful farmers’ markets, patio hangouts under the stars, impromptu road trips, and endless opportunities to light up the grill. Here are some of the ways we plan to fully enjoy the season. Choose a few that sound up your alley and prepare your summer bucket list for 2018.

Top 15 Items To Put On Your Healthy Summer Bucket List

Do a digital detox.

A great summer bucket list idea for adults and kids.  Summer is about enjoying your environment IRL. Research shows that bidding adieu to screens for a day, a week, or more can have some seriously positive benefits.

Make sun tea.

This sunshine in a glass is one of our favorite ways to stay hydrated when temperatures surge into the triple digits.

Have a picnic.

Gnosh outside, preferably someplace cool like a mountain, canyon or beach near you.

Get your grill on.

This is what we’re making.

Dial-in your hiking snacks.

Whether you’re a snack-packing pro or often grapple with what to grab, preparation always pays off when it comes to filling a daypack.

Read for pleasure.

Carve out a day to get into a book simply for enjoyment. Here’s one we cannot put down.

Stick to your healthy diet while on vacay.

To get the most out of any vacation, it’s important to eat the foods your body loves. Here are some tricks to help you stick to your healthy habits away from home.

Stay refreshed.

We love a La Croix like the best of them but sometimes you want something a little extra. Keep a carafe of this Chia Fresca in the fridge for ultimate hydration.

Eat arugula.

This is the time of year when it shines. We love arugula because it’s versatile, delicious and seriously good for you.

Plan a foodie road trip.

A summer bucket list idea for the whole family.  Load the car with your favorite healthy snacks (it’s hard to eat junk with destinations like these) and hit the road.

Grow something you can eat.

A pot of mint? A container of tomatoes? Giant sunflowers? There’s something inherently satisfying about enjoying the fruits of your own labor.

Get In The Water.

Plop a stand-up paddleboard into your nearest lake, or consider renting a canoe for a weekend adventure.

Nap in a hammock.

A great addition to any summer bucket list, there’s nothing like catching some z’s in the great outdoors.

Feel amazing in your body.

Putting these fruits and veggies on the menu can keep bloating at bay.

Say yes, to supplements.

Though produce is bountiful this time of year, if you’re a woman between the ages of 20 and 40 you likely still need to power up your diet with these vitamins and minerals.

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