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The Secret Habits of Morning People that Anyone Can Adopt

be one of those morning people

Ever Wonder Why Your Not One Of Those Morning People?

Just how do those morning people do it? They seem to rise with ease before the rest of the world and by the time you’re just getting the coffee brewing, they’ve already tackled half of their to-do lists. If you have morning-person envy and have often felt bummed that “you’re just not wired that way,” we’ve got news for you – even some morning people aren’t really morning people. So is there a secret to being a morning person vs. a night owl?

Eh? Yes, while there are a select few who rise naturally before sunrise many others’ morning habits have been earned through trial and error. Wondering how to become a morning person? The good news is, these folks have figured out what works so you don’t have to.  Cultivate your own early riser routine by following in their footsteps.

6 Habits Of Successful Morning People

Pick a wake-up time and stick to it.

Morning people wake up at the same time every day, yes, weekends too. Pick a time that’s reasonable based on when you’re waking up now. A big adjustment may be harder to stick to and tough on your body. Move your wake up time back each week by 15-minute increments until you get to your desired wake up time. Then, stick to it.

Pick a bedtime and stick to it.

Seeing a pattern of steps to become a morning person? Make sure that your selected bedtime will give you enough hours of sleep. For example, if you’re someone who needs at least 8 hours to feel refreshed and you’d like to start waking up at 6:00 a.m., you should be hitting the lights by 10 p.m. That means by around 9:00 p.m., you should start preparing your mind and body for power down. Not sure how much sleep your body needs? Consider using a sleep app like this one, to help track your sleep and determine how long on average you like to stay under the covers.

Adopt an evening routine.

Most experts suggest no screens at least one hour before bed. It’s also good to cut out anything that may be too stimulating – lively conversation, a cliffhanger novel, a heavy meal. But your evening routine is not just about cutting things out. It’s also about adding things in that signal to your body that bedtime is near. Maybe that’s reading, meditating, writing in your journal or jotting down a few things that you’re grateful for.  Whatever you select, it should be an enjoyable way to bookend your day.

Adopt a morning routine.

How you end your day impacts how you begin your day and vice versa. If mornings are tough for you, why not start your day on autopilot? You’re more likely to follow your plan when you don’t have to think about it. This may require prep work the evening before. Lay out your clothes, have your to-do list on deck, get your gym bag ready. Make sure to also weave something into your routine that you look forward to — a moment with an inspiring novel, a few yoga asanas, cuddle time with your partner.

Eat breakfast to kickstart your morning.

No more grabbing a protein bar and heading for the door, morning people actually make time for breakfast. The benefits of eating a proper breakfast are endless including improved concentration, stabilized blood sugar and maintaining a healthier weight. What’s more, making time for breakfast helps you start your day at a less-rushed pace which can help you feel more balanced and grounded as your schedule picks up steam. Need breakfast inspiration? Here’s one of our favorite hearty breakfasts.

Get outside to sync your natural rhythm.

Exposing yourself to daylight signals to your brain that it’s time to wake up. Starting your day by getting outside will not only dash the stardust from your eyes but also give you a dose of mood-boosting vitamin D from sun exposure. Even a short walk around your block is enough to do the trick. If you’re feeling ambitious, starting the day with a morning run is a great way to check of two to-do items in one swoop.

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