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Simplify Summer

Simplify Summer

Memorial Day is the mark of the start of the summer season and no doubt the beginning of barbeques, swimsuits, and running kids from one activity to the other.  It can be stressful to think of staying in shape for a swimsuit and hectic to worry about eating and preparing healthy meals for you and your family during such a busy time of year. Eating healthy and preparing nourishing ingredients can fall low on the list of priorities when returning home from a long day of fun in the sun. It’s easy to order a pizza or make up a quick batch of macaroni and cheese to please the masses. But, if you plan in advance, not only will your family stay healthy, but preparing summer meals will be much easier to put together at the end of a long summer day!

Here are some easy ways to simplify your summer meals:

>Set aside one day a week to plan out all meals for the week ahead.

>Eat more salads with nutritious toppings, like seeds and dried fruit. For an idea, try our recipe for Cranberry Spinach Salad! So Good!

>Use the grill for your whole meal! Less to clean up is always a good thing!

>Have delicious, nutritious snacks on hand. Our Single Serve Fruit Fusions have less sugar than an apple and only 100 calories, plus they taste great!

>Keep bottles of water around! Often, food cravings can come from a lack of hydration. Water will subside your hunger and keep you feeling great in the hot summer sun!

>Grow your own veggies! Save money at the grocery store by growing your own vegetables. Not only will you find yourself eating healthier, but kids will love growing their own food and be proud of it. The interest will spark a higher appreciation for the food on their plate.

>Keep lunch easy! Leftovers are great for lunch and are easy to pack up and take on the go!

>Use pantry staples to your advantage. Those easy, healthy snacks that are always on hand are perfect for meals. Our organic dried fruit is delicious as a snack and a healthy secret ingredient for an endless possibility of meals. Visit our “recipes” page on our website for more ideas!


Enjoy your summer and keep it simple!


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