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Must Have Kitchen Items & Utensils

Must Have Kitchen Items & Utensils

Seven Useful Kitchen Tools That Will Transform Your Cooking

You already have the basics: pots, pans, baking sheets, spatulas. But, what if you could completely transform your cooking and baking with some new utensils and gadgets? Here are 7 awesome kitchen tools that you might not have — some of them I’m already obsessed with, and others are high on my list of “wants.”

1. Silpat baking sheets

Move over, parchment paper. Silicone is durable, resistant to extreme temps, transfers heat evenly, and is inherently nonstick. That’s why Silpat baking sheets are so useful, even when it’s time to bake flaky pastries and gooey cookies. Plus, you can use them over and over again.

2. Immersion blenders

This tool changed my life, because it meant I never had to transfer my roasted red pepper soup to the blender for pureeing again. Now I can puree soups straight from the pot, thicken sauces right on the stovetop, and easily mix up ingredients with a hand-held immersion blender.

Kitchen Items and Untensils

3. Salad spinner

Veggie prep can be a pain, especially if you need to wait for your washed broccoli and lettuce to dry. That’s where a salad spinner comes in handy. Don’t let the name fool you, because this amazing tool can wash all sorts of produce. Some can also be used as colanders, which is helpful for pasta.

This larger tool can take up a bunch of space in your cabinet, which is why I love this collapsible model by Progressive International.

4. Cut-resistant gloves

Confession time: my fingers have definitely had a few run-ins with my knives, but these cut-resistant kitchen gloves are perfect for clumsy cooks. Slice and dice your way through dinner prep without having to worry about your fingers. The extra peace of mind is bound to change the way you feel about your kitchen knives.

5. Bladed herb scissors

Cutting delicate herbs is a lengthy, and kinda tricky, process. I always prefer to use fresh herbs over dried to really amp up the flavors in my cooking. These scissors have five stainless steel blades that will make chopping those fresh herbs a breeze.

6. Meeting knife set

If I had an extra $1,000 to spend on something I absolutely didn’t need, it might just be this beautiful knife set. It’s a kitchen tool that doubles as a piece of art, and thanks to the nested design you won’t have to spend even more money on storage solutions.

If these knives are out of your financial reach like they are mine, just give the Amazon reviews a read for a laugh. When you’re done, shop around for a far more affordable, but still good, set of knives. Quality, well-maintained knives are worth the investment — sharper knives equal fewer slips, which means fewer bandages. This article from Lifehacker taught me a ton about the four main knives every kitchen needs, and it’s worth a read.

7. Wine chiller, aerator, and pourer

If you want to wind down with a glass of wine after all of that cooking and baking, consider picking up a 3-in-1 wine stick. Help your wine breathe with the aerator, chill it from the inside, and then seal the deal with a perfect pour… all with one tool. Isn’t technology great?
I think these 7 utensils would be great additions to any kitchen, but what do you think? Do you love using any unique kitchen tools that aren’t listed here?

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