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Holiday Gift Guide For Your Food Obsessed Friend

holiday gift guide

Wondering what to get your favorite gourmand? Even if their kitchen’s fully stocked, there’s always room for dessert. Here are 2107’s sweetest holiday food gifts gathered in our Holiday Gift Guide for you. Whether you’re shopping for a baker, food geek or someone who simply knows how to savor the best in life, we’ve got you covered. And if the person you’re shopping for just loves snacks, get this our limited-edition holiday snack box!

Holiday Gift Guide For The Baker

Pie Bird
A conversation starter AND it keeps pie filling from spilling over? We’ll tweet about that.  
Price: $11.95
Review: “Simple, effective, typical Le Creuset – hard to beat. This is a great little gadget and talking point. Worth every cent.”

Macaron Kit
Macarons are tricky but you can come close to mastery with this helpful kit.
Price: $30
Review: “I bought this as a gift for someone that had never made macarons before. They loved it, and it worked great! Great item that makes a tricky project much easier.”

Cast Iron Revolving Cake Stand
Never scoot around the kitchen counter again. This revolving cake stand brings unfrosted sides to you.
Price: $48.67
Review: “Love love love this stand! It looks great as a cake stand also which is a bonus. It turns super smoothly. I’ve decorated several cakes with it and I’ve had no problems.”

Marble Pastry Slab
A cool (yes, figuratively and literally) working surface and an instant kitchen counter beautifier.
Price: $49.95
Review: “If you love to bake or just need a clean, roomy space to work on, this is it. Beautiful (and very heavy!) piece of marble at an excellent price.”

Embossed Rolling Pin
Sugar cookies never looked so well, magnificent.
Price: $28.80
Review: “Beautiful pin and makes a pretty paisley design in my sugar cookies.”

Baking Salts
We seriously can’t get enough of these creative, tasty and unique salts. Great for baked goods or really anything.
Price: $19
Review: “It made the perfect hostess gift – creative and unusual, not cliche as so many hostess gifts can be. It was a huge hit! The next morning, she used the espresso salt over eggs benedict. The next evening, dessert was fresh peaches with vanilla ice cream – and the vanilla cardamom salt sprinkled on top. So good, I have to order this now for myself!”

Marble Rolling Pin
This pin keeps dough cool so you can work it longer.
Price: $15
Review: “Very, very heavy duty – and perfectly constructed. The marble is very unique, you won’t get the same piece twice and the one we received was absolutely gorgeous. The lazy susan spins very smoothly on the heavy duty ball bearings in the base. I bought this for my sister for Christmas and she was absolutely thrilled. When I felt the weight of this I was a little nervous, but it was in perfect condition and well padded inside the container. My sister has a lot of kitchen accessories in this marbled pattern and this was the perfect addition.”

Holiday Gift Guide For The Food Geek

Sous Vide Precision Cooker
Restaurant quality meals with the press of a button? It’s possible.
Price: $159
Review: “I’ve been looking into Sous Vide cooking for over a year now reading reviews etc. I finally pulled the plug on this model and couldn’t be happier with this purchase. We’ve used it every day for over a month now. You name it we’ve cooked it (eggs, steak, pork roast, vegetables, fish, dessert toppings.. and even used it to ripen fruit!) Not a single complaint. I won’t bore you with descriptions of how the juicy or wonderful or delicious meals have been as its already been said dozens of times in these reviews.”

Instant Pot
It slow cooks, it pressure cooks, it cooks rice and it sautés. This multi-pot is taking kitchens by storm. This was one of the first items we considered for our holiday gift guide.
Price: $82.50
Review: “LOVE my Instant Pot! It is definitely one of the best kitchen purchases I have made. I use it almost daily. Soups and other meals that take more time traditionally are ready in a half hour or less, and yet they taste like they’ve been cooking all day! You know how leftover spaghetti always seems to taste better the second and third day because the pasta has been marinating in the sauce? One pot spaghetti in the Instant Pot tastes like that (but even better!) right from the pot on the first night! I love being able to cut down on how many pots I’m using, especially during the work week when time in the evenings is sparse.”

5-In-1 Utensil
A perfect gift for anyone with a small kitchen space or who appreciates the value of a solid functional tool.
Price: $15.99
Review: “Love this kitchen tool, you can do a lot with it. Use as a turner, strainer, scraper, stirring spoon. We keep 2 in our house so if one is used we have a spare…”

Tood Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science
Charred meat is delicious, but why? This book’s got answers and more.
Price: $29.97
Review: “This book is a monster. At almost 7 pounds and nearly a thousand pages, you can bet that it is comprehensive. Like most cookbooks today, it begins with a background of the author, who is an MIT grad turned culinary scientist. He goes on to discuss gear and technique as well as recommendations for essentials- all pretty standard so far. Though I do appreciate that he adds a premium and budget pick for each gear recommendation. …”

Sure, it can do crème brûlé, but it also torches meringue, browns meat and lights the candles on a birthday cake in second.
Price: $28.33
Review: “This was one of those purchases that I wasn’t sure I needed but I definitely thought could add to my cooking arsenal. So, I got it and I have enjoyed it ever since. The flame is big enough to do what an average person who buys this needs to do. Also, it’s very helpful if you can’t find any matches or anything to start your charcoal or light candles.”

Ultra Pizza Stone
If you’ve got a pizza geek in the house, make their jaw drop with this pizza stone’s impressive weight and even-heating prowess. Definitely the best item on our holiday gift guide for the pizza lover.
Price: $79.00
Review: “I bought this for my brother in law who is a homemade pizza enthusiast. The crust is so much awesomer now. I’m a homemade pizza eating enthusiast after buying him this pizza steel.”

Ultimate Food Thermometer
For anyone who’s simply not playing around when it comes to getting a simple and clear read on what’s cooking at what temp. Consider this a critical item on the holiday gift guide.
Price: $99
Review: “It’s difficult for me to put into words what the Thermapen MK4 means to me and my overall quality of life, that of my family, and that of those that swagger up to the bountiful trough of smoked meats I provide. Comparing this instrument of gloriousness to any cooking or bbq’ing temperature accessory is like comparing the Death Star to a package of Kraft singles that’s passed its expiration date.”

Holiday Gift Guide For The Epicure

Cordless Electric Wine Opener
Popping bottles has never been so fun, or easy!
Price: $24.99
Review: “This is the best wine opener ever! I have had several others – but something was always not quite right. This one opens the bottle perfectly every time. Goes into the cork effortlessly, pulls it out effortlessly, and then expels the cork effortlessly. No pieces of crumbled cork, no aborted efforts, no stuck cork. I cannot believe I got this PERFECT device for the price!!!”

Wine Rack
A stylish, functional and unique way to store your wine bounty.
Price: $49.95
Review: “This wine rack is totally functional & very pretty!! I love to mix metals & this was the perfect pop that our bar area needed!! I also am thrilled with the size that it can hold so many wine bottles!! I am so thankful I made the purchase of this great wine rack!!!”

Fancy Steak Knives  
These quality knives are made to stand the test of time.   
Price: $62
Review: Beautiful knife set that is super sharp, exceeding my expectations. Would make an impressive hostess gift.”

Serving Bowl
One can never have too many serving bowls and in our humble opinion, this one is just too pretty to not make the gift-giving list.
Price: $48
Review: “This is a beautiful bowl. I love the gold trim around the top. It is very elegant looking and I’m sure I will get compliments on it. Very well made. Will have it forever. Actually, I’m looking into getting the other pieces to this set.”

Traditional Wok
Got a stir-fry or fried-rice lover in your life? It’s time to help them perfect their habit by taking their culinary skills beyond the nonstick skillet to the real deal.
Price: $42.95
Review: “My husband loves this very much that he uses it every time he does stir fries and fried rice.. Great quality and it works well on my gas stove.”

Flavor Infused Water Bottle
Berry or lemon water on the go? It’s no sweat with this awesome bottle. Inspire your gift recipient with some tasty infuser options. This and this are our choices for this holiday gift guide.
Price: $15
Review: “I bought this to get myself in the habit of drinking fruit water. It is so convenient and easy to use in the morning and I can refill the water throughout my workday! I love it so much that I ended up buying one for my mother.”

Le Creuset Dutch Oven
Easily the Cadillac of stovetop cookery on our holiday gift guide. We swear our soups and stew just taste better when cooked in Le Creuset. Plus, festive color options support serving your masterpieces right from the pot.
Price: $149. 95
Review: “I bought this Le Creuset French oven about two years ago. It’s perfect for my cooking needs. While not inexpensive, Le Creuset quality is just fantastic. The pot heats evenly and is wonderful for making stews or casseroles. And it’s pretty forgiving. Which is to say… if you burn the inside, the stains come off fairly easily if you just let the pot soak. I also have the saucier pan and love that as well. In today’s world of mass produced products, it’s nice to find real quality that stands up to time.”


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