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Five Reasons to Keep Organic Dried Fruit in your Kitchen!

Five Reasons to Keep Organic Dried Fruit in your Kitchen!

Everyone has a few food items that are always on hand in the pantry or refrigerator. This precious list of staple ingredients keep us grounded and prepared for any unforeseen disaster (even if that’s just a midnight snack after a tough day). Most of these items are on your weekly grocery list: milk, bread, cheese, eggs, etc., but here are 5 great reasons to start adding Made In Nature Organic Dried Fruits to your list:


#1 Seasonality: “It’s the middle of winter and I miss my mangoes!”  Not everybody has access to their favorite fruits year round but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy them, even when they’re not at the local grocery store (or, maybe the grocery store is carrying that fruit, but out of season it has a real lack in flavor). Well, if you just have to have a pineapple upside down cake, or even a bourbon apricot bread pudding, we’ve got the answer! Keep our organic dried fruits on hand and you can always enjoy the fresh, ripe, picked at the peak of perfection flavor of your favorite fruits from around the World.


#2 Flavor: Perhaps the best reason to keep our organic fruits on hand in your kitchen is for the delicious, fresh flavor and quality of the fruits! The burst of flavor that you experience when you bite into our fruits are sensational. For nearly 25 years, it has been our mission to discover the world’s best-tasting, healthy organic foods that will take you on a culinary adventure. We make it our absolute dedication to provide the ripest, freshest tasting fruit that has been picked at the peak of perfection! Our juicy, mouthwatering fruits are grown without pesticides and fertilizers making the taste overwhelmingly delicious. The bold fruit flavor of our organic produce is dried without preservatives, coloring, or chemicals, making our organic dried fruits pure in flavor.


#3 Convenience: Picture this – you are driving your kids to their sport, dance, music, drama practices and everybody’s tired and hungry, even you. Hungry children with low blood sugar, yikes! Hand all of those hungry hands our single-serving fruit fusions and now you’ve got a car full of happy campers.  Our simple snacks are filled with vitamins and nutrients with less natural sugar than a single apple. And for you, each bag is less than 100 calories.  Keep some in the car, a gym bag, or a backpack for fresh, healthy snacking on the run.


#4 Versatility: Not only are our dried fruits delicious and consistently fresh tasting, but they’re also great for cooking, baking, drinks and snacks. Whether you love your dried apricots in yogurt or oats for an energy-boosting breakfast, or using dried pineapple in a piña colada cocktail, our dried organic fruits make any dish a culinary creation. And, if you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to visit the “Recipes” page on our website! We’ve got lots of fun and inspiring recipes to help you eat more healthy and nutrient rich foods. With Made In Nature organic dried fruit, the possibilities are endless.


#5 Innovation: You know that secret little flavor or spice you use in your most coveted recipes? That punch of flavor that no one can quite put his or her finger on? Well, our colorful, flavorful, organic dried fruit has been known to create quite a culinary sensation! One of the most enjoyable experiences in the kitchen is experimenting with different flavors and spices to create a new, and often, improved or enhanced dish. So grab a variety of our dried fruits and have some fun in the kitchen enlivening up your recipes!

If these five reasons aren’t convincing enough to spice up your culinary life, simply try our dried fruit! The fresh taste will surely persuade a new infatuation!


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