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Eat more Coconut!

Made in Nature coconut chips

The flavors of coconut, for many, is reserved for tropical getaways and vacations. Here at Made In Nature, we make every day a tropical getaway by including dried coconut in our daily snacking routines. Packed with rich, natural flavors and an exceptionally high nutritional value, we encourage everyone to treat themselves to a mid-day vacation by snacking on some Coconut Smiles!

All About Coconut

The coconut, also known by its scientific name Cocos Nucifera, is a member of the palm family. Although palm trees can now be found on nearly every subtropical coastline, botanists have concluded palm trees, and coconuts, most likely originated in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the coconuts many uses, it became a valuable item to trade and bring home from voyages. Beginning in the 16th century, the coconut made its way to Europe via the Maritime Silk Road. How coconuts made their way to other countries is not crystal clear, but we do know one thing: coconuts float. Any cargo ship that was carrying coconuts that may have sunk or crashed could be the reason coconuts made their way to so many coastlines around the world. Prior to the getting its current name, coconut palms had many nicknames. In India, coconut palms were referred to as “Kalpavriksha,” a mythical tree that can grant all desires as it provides all of life’s necessities. In the Philippines, they were referred to as, “The Tree of Life,” or “the Three Generations Tree.” So, how did the name become formally known as “coconut?” Well, in the early 16th century when Vasco de Gama brought coconuts back from his voyage, he thought the three darker spots on the side of the coconut resembled a face. He used this, in tandem with the fact that coconuts are nut-bearing, to create the scientific name Cocos Nucifera, which when directly translated, means “grinning face nut-bearing.” Thankfully, we just shortened that to be the simple, majestic name that we all now know: Coconut.

Benefits of Adding Coconut to Your Diet

When you think of dried fruit, do you think of dried coconut? Many people don’t. Due to its unique flavor and texture, people don’t always associate it with the commonly known dried fruits. However, its similar to other dried fruits as it is overflowing with vitamins, minerals, and flavor of course! Dried coconut is rich in many essential nutrients, including copper, selenium, and manganese, making it a nutrient-dense snacking option. Coconut also boasts a hefty amount of fat (the healthy fats, don’t worry), that are quickly absorbed by the body for a quick source of energy – this means it’s a great snack to consume pre-workout, mid-hike, or when you hit that mid-day slump. Dried Coconut is also not shy with the fiber; each serving (28 grams) contains 11% of your daily fiber intake. Consuming fiber consistently helps keep you stay regular, stay fuller for longer, and can even help with controlling blood sugar levels. So, there you have it: dried coconut is delicious and nutritious!

How to Eat More Coconut

Although we can often be seen scarfing down a bag (or two) of our Maple Vanilla and Toasted Cinnamon Coconut Smiles, we understand that may not be everyone’s style. There are many ways you can incorporate more coconut into your diet to enhance your health (and to satisfy your sweet tooth.) Here are our go-to ways to add coconut into our daily lives:


There is nothing more refreshing than a cold, creamy, coconut smoothie in the summer months. Actually, we can think of one thing better: a coconut smoothie bowl (that way you can load up on all of the toppings your heart desires.) By combining coconut milk, pineapple, bananas, coconut yogurt, and coconut flakes to a blender, you can create the perfect smoothie bowl base. Pour it into a bowl and top with our Maple Vanilla Coconut Smiles and a bag of our ‘Mangos, Pineapples, and Bananas’ Second Chances and you’ll have no issues beating that summer heat.


We have never met a pancake we didn’t like. Pancakes are always a certified crowd pleaser, but when you add Coconut Smiles, you will have people licking their plates and demanding the recipe. Use your favorite pancake recipe, and top them with a drizzle of almond butter, slices strawberries, and our Toasted Cinnamon Coconut Smiles for a breakfast that will start the day with a bang!

FroYo Popsicles:

Making popsicles at home is easier than you think: all you need is some delicious ingredients, popsicle molds, and popsicle sticks. Our favorite summer popsicle is a tropical treat that is perfect for kids and adults alike. In a blender, combine your favorite coconut yogurt, a splash or maple syrup, dried pineapple, dried mango, and Maple Vanilla Coconut Smiles. Blend until relatively smooth and pour into your popsicle molds. Freeze for a minimum of 4 hours and enjoy – these fan favorites won’t last long in your freezer.

Doing Well by Doing Good

If you’re familiar with our brand, you know the deal by now: we are beyond passionate about organic farming that supports the earth, the farmers, and our consumers. We carry these values into all of our products, especially our coconuts. Growing coconuts organically helps with advancing biological activity in the soil, maintaining fertile soil for years to come, and minimizing pollution that can often result from agricultural practices. Organic coconut production also helps to balance the local ecosystem (since we never use harmful pesticides that could harm insects, animals, and humans), increase the palm trees’ yearly yield, and minimize water usage. Doing Well by Doing Good is a lifestyle, and our coconuts are living it!


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