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Brain Foods to Help You Concentrate

Brain Foods to Help You Concentrate

These Brain Foods Can Help You Stay Focused

There are tons of supplements on the market that promise to help improve memory, and you may have heard that certain foods can help you concentrate. While there isn’t a magic pill or snack that can automatically help you focus with laser-like intensity, there are certain “brain foods” that can help your mind function at peak capacity, and I’m going to share some of my favorites. As you read, try to think about how you can incorporate these brain-friendly foods and drinks into your regular diet — they’re tasty, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

Eat fish to keep your brain healthy

Eating fish is good for the mind.

Improve your brain health with these foods Why? Fish is full of omega-3s, and it turns out these fatty acids have a huge positive impact on our brain health. Dr. Cyrus Raji, a resident radiologist at UCLA, explains, “If you eat fish just once a week, your hippocampus—the big memory and learning center—is 14 percent larger than in people who don’t eat fish that frequently.”

It doesn’t matter what kind of fish you eat, but the preparation is important: baked or broiled, and never fried. For a unique and refreshing way to enjoy fish, try Made in Nature’s seafood ceviche banana chip recipe.

Snack on walnuts for a better memory

In 2015 researchers at UCLA found that people who ate more walnuts performed better on a series of cognitive tests. Even more surprisingly, the cognitive functions of the group increased markedly across different demographics, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.

Why are walnuts so good for the brain? Well, they’re high in antioxidants and a number of important vitamins and minerals that all keep your mind healthy.

Grab a handful of blueberries and improve your brain health

Animal studies have demonstrated that blueberries can help protect the brain from oxidative stress. They might also reduce the effects of age-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Thankfully, adding more blueberries and other berries into your diet is as delicious as it is simple. Add blueberries to oatmeal or yogurt, or pick up an organic dried berry mix for an easy, portable snack.

That daily caffeine fix could be good news for your brain

Certain foods can help your brain, but there isn’t a quick fix for concentration. However, caffeine might just be the closest you can get to a speedy solution for problems with focusing.

Some studies have found a link between long-term and short-term memory improvements and two to three cups of coffee per day. Add some cinnamon to your mug, too. Another study from 2009 found that this spice (even just the smell of it) can increase feelings of alertness.

Do you already eat (or drink) some of the brain foods mentioned here? What is your favorite way to enjoy them? Head over to the comments to give other readers some new and delicious ideas!

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