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Back To School Food Guide

Back To School Food Guide

School is starting up again, and while that adds chaos to any parent’s schedule, it doesn’t mean that your kid’s nutrition needs to suffer. Make sure your kid is staying healthy at school with these easy tips!

1. When it comes to lunch, forget peanut butter and jelly, a bag of chips and a sugary dessert. This lunch is all wrong since it’s packed with high-carbohydrate, high glycemic foods which will spike kids blood-sugar and then send them crashing hours later. Instead make sure your kids lunchbox is full of fruits, veggies, protein (like cold cuts), and good fats (like avocado or nuts).

2. Try to avoid letting your kid eat cafeteria food as well. While schools have made great progress since the days of mystery meat, if left alone your kid will probably run to the pizza line without even glancing at the salad bar.

3. Make sure there’s a healthy snack available. Kids will eat whatever’s near when they’re crashing, especially if it’s covered in frosting or sprinkles. Consider nuts, an apple or string cheese. Our new Fusion packs are also a great option since they’re Certified Organic.

4. Being healthy doesn’t stop at the lunch table. If you need to bring food for some classroom party or it’s your child’s birthday try swapping out some traditional items for healthier ones. Bottled water instead of soda. Vegan cupcakes instead of store bought ones. Dried fruit instead of chips. You may not be the cool parent with these choices, but your kids bodies will be grateful.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, try our Dried Cranberry Turkey Wrap. It’s full of healthy protein, fruit and veggies and is the perfect substitute for a PB&J.


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