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32 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes Perfect For Friendsgiving Dishes

friendsgiving dishes

There’s a lot to love about friendsgiving: quality time with your chosen family, an open arms welcome to the non-traditional, a judgment-free spread that includes multiple dietary needs, getting our potluck on with friendsgiving dishes, catching up with friends before round 2…we could go on.

Our 32 Foolproof Crowd Pleasers

To make sure your evening flows like gravy, we’ve compiled a list foolproof crowd pleasers. If you’re hosting, focus on the bird and gravy and leave the rest to your guests. After assigning a category, direct them here for sides, hors-d’oeuvres and desserts to accompany the main event.

If you’re a guest with a category request, look no further than the below list of our favorite friendsgiving potluck ideas that account for gluten-free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan eaters. These recipes won’t have you slaving in the kitchen when we know there are much more important things to be doing.

Friendsgiving Dishes & Menu Ideas


This may be the most important part of any Thanksgiving menu. If you might be late or are unsure of your culinary skills, consider passing this assignment on to someone you know will go the distance. Not that any of these recipes are challenging, just that it may be better to be one of the many guests on potatoes.


Slaws and Salads

Your dinner mates will thank you for bringing something bright and green to pair with the heavier foods that are so often the stars on Thanksgiving. Dress the salad when you’re at your location to avoid wilted greens.


Better-For-You Sides & Cranberries

Yes, it’s important to have some sides that are not in casserole form. And when it comes to cranberries, sure, the canned stuff will absolutely do, but isn’t it almost magic how tart berries become a sweet red sauce with very little effort? That alchemy alone makes it worth preparing homemade cranberries at least once.


Stuffing Ideas For Your Friendsgiving Dishes

We take a “more the merrier” approach to this crowd-pleasing side. Points for creativity and thinking outside the casserole dish.



See, “stuffing.” With three superstars in this category: Russets, Sweet Potatoes, and Yams (ok, technically not a potato but can you tell the difference?) there are just too many ways for these tubers shine in friendsgiving dishes. We suggest not holding back.




Sure, we love the pie trio: pumpkin, pecan, and apple, but we also love thinking outside of the pie tin. If you’ve got the classics covered, consider adding an unexpected treat or two.

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