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14 of our Favorite Fall Finds On Amazon

fall finds

Anyone else have fall fever?  It’s certainly in the air, which means we’re pulling out our boots and fuzzy sweaters, plotting weekend getaways to see fall foliage and dreaming of cozy nights by a fire somewhere. We’re also in the kitchen whipping up some of our fall favorites including this and this and this. A little indulgent? Perhaps, but our motivations aren’t purely seasonal hunting for our favorite fall finds.

Made In Nature Is Available On Amazon!

We’re in a celebratory mood these days because we’ve got some good news: Made in Nature is now available on Amazon! Yes, organic dried fruits and snacks can now be delivered to your door. Naturally, we’ve been spending some time scoping out our new virtual home.

It might be something in the air. It could be the excitement of the moment. Or maybe it’s just the season, but somehow, while perusing, some other fabulous fall finds found their way into our basket.  Whatever the case, we’re in deep. Check them out below.

14 Favorite Fall Finds On Amazon

1. The Scarf We Can’t Stop Wearing

Seriously, it goes with EVERYTHING.

2. Knit Throw

Is it really possible to have too many of these? Nope.

3. Faux Fur Pillow

There’s just so much to love about this. So much.

4. The Only Way We Like Pumpkin Spice

Yes, it’s a pillow.

5. The Why-Didn’t-We-Think-Of-It Cookbook:

Simple Fare: Fall and Winter Gorgeous photos and simple recipes all featuring seasonal fall and winter ingredients. Brilliant.

6. The Can’t-Put-It-Down-Read:

Manhattan Beach – A Novel We’ve got our throw and cozy nook on deck for this new one from Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Eagan.

7. Just Cause

We don’t know why we love this, we just do.

8. To Put the Cozy Things In

Versatile, stylish and perfect for holding all that’s soft, warm and cozy.

9. To Please All the Senses

Guilty little pleasures, meet our diffuser.

10. Copper Mugs

There’s just something about a Moscow Mule– or Ginger Beer-filled copper mug.  Light A Little Fire. Speaking of copper and bubbles…One word: Fab.

11. Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Let people know what is up before they entire your tastefully decorated domicile with this welcome mat.

12. The Instant Centerpiece

Those apples, pears, pomegranates, and persimmons never looked more comfortable than in this.

13. Carry All

Form? Meet Function. Plus, it’s Fair Trade. Love

14. Snack Time

Winter, Spring, Fall, we can’t help but fall for these year round.

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