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10 Fabulous Ways to Fall in Love with Figs   

love figs

Oh, how do we love figs? Let us count the ways. Their season is short so when they finally do ripen, it’s hard to get enough. Luckily, at Made In Nature, it’s our business to preserve delicious figs at their peak so you can enjoy full figgy flavor any time of year.

Endless Ways To Eat & Love Figs

And while we dig in to these and these and these with regularity, it’s when delicate fresh figs begin popping up at our farmer’s market, that we begin dreaming up ways to incorporate them into our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Did we mention we love figs? Here are 10 of our favorite ways to do just that. Some recipes call for fresh figs, others dried. Interchange them if you like, as when it comes to fig season, it’s really hard to go wrong.

10 Fantastic Fig Recipes

1. Figgin’ Love Salad

There’s just something special about this salad. Oh wait, is that a hint of fig in the dressing? Yes and Yum.

2. Steel Cut Oats with Nut Fusions and Fresh Figs

We can’t think of a better way to warm up on a brisk fall morning.

3. Dipped Figgy Pops

Cake pops, meet your just-as-fun but much healthier nemesis.

4. Fig & Beet Smoothie

Seriously, this is Fall in a glass, it’s even the same color as a blushing autumn leaf.

5. Squash and Fig Stew

Tucking in for a cozy night? This stew is hearty and ridiculously satisfying.

6. Fall Appetizer Crisps with Smyrna Figs and Brie

These may come together in a snap but their flavor is lasting.

7. Figs and Goat Cheese with Fusion Salad

When figs meet goat cheese it’s hard to say no. We’ll take this classic combination anytime, anywhere, any day …

8. Warm Chocolate and Coffee Figgy Pudding

Oh bring us some figgy pudding! And bring it right now. This swoon-worthy recipe proves there’s no reason to wait until the holiday season.

9. Fig and Port Gelato

Homemade gelato? It’s easier than it sounds – especially when you start with stellar ingredients.

10. Apricot and Fig Preserves

Preserve dried figs to enjoy the freshness of the season anytime.

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