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Bone Broth for Vegans

vegan bone broth ideas

Bone Broth Is Great, But What If You Are Vegan?

Bone broth is totally a thang. Our fervor for it surpasses seasonality, mood, and even kitchen skills. Just search #bonebroth in your insta feed. We will drink it in the rain. We will drink it on a train. We will drink it in a box. We will drink it with a fox. Ok, maybe not the last one. Please excuse the Seussian segue. We’re back. But what if you are a vegetarian. Or vegan? Is it possible to find the same benefits in a vegan bone broth?

Peak into the fridge of any Whole 30, Bulletproof or paleo eater and you’ll likely see at least a mason jars or two of the golden broth. It’s really not a surprise when you consider its impressive health benefits. Bone broth is touted for:

Top Bone Broth Benefits

  • Boosting immunity
  • Fighting Inflammation
  • Strengthening Bones and Teeth
  • Supporting Blood Sugar Levels
  • Improving Sleep Quality

And those are just some of its benefits.

Given its popularity, we had to wonder “what if the prospect of drinking broth made from bones makes your stomach grumble – and not in a good way?” Is there a “bone broth” equivalent for vegans and vegetarians? We are big fans of finding vegan twists on standard ingredients, so we decided to dig into the options for vegetarian bone broth.

Options For Creating Vegan Bone Broth Alternatives

We have good and bad news. How about the bad first? One of the not-so-secret ingredients in bone broth is collagen. Collagen is one of the miracle nutrients that makes bone broth so healing and essentially why we go through the process of boiling bones in the first place. That step is necessary to get the collagen out. Any vegan bone broth would then essentially be devoid of collagen.

If that’s the whole point, then why drink a plant-based broth? Here’s the good news. Plants can also make a pretty impressively nutrient-dense brew.

  • Mushroom stems are rich in the mineral selenium, which supports the thyroid and prevents mental health decline.
  • Parsley stems offer blood-producing iron and bone-supporting vitamins.
  • Potato skins have potassium, which stabilizes blood sugar, enhances bone health and supports neural function.
  • Carrot shavings are rich in vitamin A which repairs tissues, supports healthy bones and aids eye health.
  • Kombu imparts potassium, calcium, Folate, and iodine

Throw these ingredients in a pot, top with water and simmer for 8 hours. If you’re using an Instapot 45 minutes on high pressure is enough to do the trick. It’s not bone broth, it’s vegetable broth 2.0, and its full of good stuff your body loves. Here’s a real recipe.

And, if you’re really hungry for collagen-like benefits in your brew, there are plant-based sources. Here’s one of our favorite brands.


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