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Think Outside the Toolbox This Father’s Day: Gift Ideas to Keep Dad Happy and Healthy

Think Outside the Toolbox This Father’s Day: Gift Ideas to Keep Dad Happy and Healthy

Move over coffee mugs. Take a spin car accessories. Barbecue essentials? Sizzle aside. This father’s day we’re thinking outside the toolbox.  Rather than the same old same old, why not wow dad this year with an unexpected gift that shows you care and supports his peace of mind and bodily health. Who doesn’t want that? Ok, ok, we know that not everyone gets pumped about pumping iron, and gifts that promote health might not always go over so well – especially if they’re misconstrued. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite healthy finds with suggestions of how to position their benefits in ways that anyone could get excited about.

Activity Tracker
Everyone seems to be sporting a black rectangle fitness bracelet these days. Not only can they help dad get to 1,000 steps, they also track heart rate, calories, sleep and other metrics.  Tell dad it’s not about losing weight, but about having more information about how his body is functioning. Information is power, after all. Don’t worry if the black rectangle is not his look. Activity trackers come in all shapes and colors. Some even just look like a watch.

It may seem like an indulgence but massage is also medicine for the mind and body. Research shows that regular massage can ease anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia related to stress and more. We trust you won’t have any trouble talking dad into this one.

One Hour with a Nutritionist
You’ve been telling dad for years that the beautiful char on his grilled food may taste delicious, but is likely not so good for his health. Sometimes it’s better for such news to be delivered by a professional. Rather than suggesting he need to overhaul his cooking, help him consider working with a nutritionist as a way to get tips and tricks to make his diet even healthier. Even the best cared for cars need a tune up once in a while, right?

A One-on-One Meditation Sesh
Is dad just craving a little quiet? Establishing a regular meditation practice can help him find peace of mind anytime, anywhere. It may seem too good to be true, but a meditation instructor can show him the way – as well as help dispel the common “I’m not cut out to meditate” myth. Also, if you’re budget conscious, many meditation communities offer instruction for free. A go-meditate-now card may be just what he needs to get his practice off the ground.

Healthy Snacks Gift Basket
Here’s what we’re putting in our snack basket for dad: Cranberry Pistachio Figgy Pops, Italian Espresso Coconut Chips, Sriracha Chili Kale Chips, Smyrna Figs, Apricots, Banana Slices, Mangos, Rosemary Harissa Nut Fusions and a few packs of our favorite protein snacks. With this bounty, he won’t miss the Pecan Sandies, Oreos or Potato Chips.

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