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Tantalizing Cocktail and Food Pairings for Your Holiday Fête

cocktail, food pairings

Hosting a holiday party? As you know, your cocktail and food pairings can either make or break your gathering. Well, probably not. But thinking this piece through and finding the best, festive cocktail and food pairings can wow guests and we think it’s a lot of fun. If meal planning isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, we got you. Here are our favorite cocktail and food pairings to get any party started!

Our Favorite Holiday Cocktail and Food Pairings

Cranberry-Bourbon Sipper

Cocktail Notes: We can’t think of a better way to warm up on a cold winter night than sipping a smooth glass of bourbon by a smoldering fire. A touch of honey and festive cranberry notes help this cocktail go down easy.

Pair With: Raw Truffle Balls

Why It Works: Fruity bourbon makes a natural and easy accompaniment to dark chocolate, bringing out the subtle fruity flavors in the cacao. This is the perfect beverage for standing up to these decadent truffles.

Orange Apricot Spritzer

Cocktail Notes: Refreshing and lively, this white wine spritzer delights the palate with an initial sweet citrus note and then lingering flavors of apricot.

Pair With: Black Mission Fig and Goat Cheese Hard Boiled Eggs

Why It Works: Nothing says brunch like a fruity wine spritzer. Equally refreshing and festive, this beverage is a natural pair to creamy, tart goat cheese.

Fig Old Fashioned

Cocktail Notes: This spin on a traditional old fashioned features maple syrup, orange juice and a surprising secret ingredient you have to taste to believe. Both fruity and sophisticated, this drink can easily stand alone or works well paired with a hearty appetizer.

Pair With: Fig and Goat Cheese Appetizer

Why It Works: A figgy appetizer brings out the figgy notes in the beverage while a healthy dollop of zingy goat cheese keeps the appetizer from drowning.

Dried Pineapple Pina Colada

Cocktail Notes: A taste of the tropics in December? Why not? Don’t we all wish we could be lounging on a beach somewhere? Bring the vacay vibes home any time of year with this tropical delight, which features Maple Vanilla Toasted Coconut Chips and Dried Pineapple.

Pair With: Seafood Ceviche Banana Chips

Why It Works: Three words: coconut, pineapple, banana … oh, and rum.  If you’re going to go tropical, you can’t hold back on the menu. Limey ceviche is the perfect compliment to this sweet, creamy blended beverage.

Dried Apricot Martini

Cocktail Notes: We like our martinis shaken … with organic apricots of course. The dried fruit gives this drink the right amount of sweetness with a fruity assist from a touch of Crème de Peche.

Pair With: Sweet Potato Rounds or Bacon Wrapped Dates With Goat Cheese

Why It Works: It has been said that a martini can be paired with just about anything. While we agree, there are a few things to consider when serving food with this classic drink. Your beverage should either compliment the flavors of the dish (honey, cinnamon, and apricot) or consciously contrast them à la bacon wrapped dates.

Mango+Plum Sweet Tea Cocktail

Cocktail Notes: We give this southern boozy favorite our own spin with dried mangos and plums. The result? A new classic that harkens to the original without all that sugar.

Pair With: Apricot and Yogurt Spiced Hard Boiled Eggs

Why It Works: The apricot in the boiled eggs compliments the mango and plum in the cocktail, while spiced yogurt cuts the sweetness and adds a creamy note.

Cranberry Crush Cocktail

Cocktail Notes: Refreshing, cranberry-y and bright, this sparkling beverage looks as good as it tastes with cheery berries and muddled mint. It’s the perfect welcome to any holiday party. Plus, you can easily make it a mocktail for children and abstaining guests.

Pair With: Bacon Wrapped Dates With Goat Cheese

Why It Works: Crowd pleaser meets crowd pleaser with this winning pair. Bacon and goat cheese cut the sweetness of the cocktail while the dates keep them from competing.

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