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Study Reveals 3 Surprising Long Life Habits of People Who Live to Be 90

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New Studies Are Unlocking The Secrets To A Long Life

What are the healthy habits of long life that can keep your ticker ticking into your nineties? They may not be what you think. The 90 + Study collected health data of more than 1,600 people over time to explore what factors contribute to longevity. Participants underwent neurological and neurophysiological tests to understand, in particular, the mind-body connection. Here are 3 surprising findings about the keys to a long and healthy life:

Say “Yes” to that glass of wine.

Yep, that’s right. One to two alcoholic beverages a day actually promoted longevity. “Moderate drinkers who enjoyed two glasses of beer or wine a day were 18 percent less likely to experience a premature death,” reports Mind Body Green.

“This further supports previous reports that certain alcoholic beverages like red wine promote heart and brain health.” Of course, with alcohol, moderation is key. Too much alcohol can have the opposite effect. Take this tip to live a healthy life and enjoy a drink responsibly.

Live longer by doing that thing you love.

Having a hobby and keeping up with it throughout your life is key to long-term health and happiness. So go ahead, break out your tap shoes or sign up for whatever that thing is that makes your heart sing. If you’re not sure, ask a family member what you used to love to do as a child.

“The study found that those who spent two hours a day on their hobbies were 21-percent less likely to pass away prematurely,” Chichester News reports. “This is likely because engaging in hobbies has been found to lower heart rate and relieve stress.”

Endorphins are good for you, so go break a sweat.

Ok, we agree that the notion of exercising to live longer isn’t so novel, but we’re always in favor of more reasons to peel ourselves out of bed early enough to get a run in. Isn’t a full and long life reason enough? Aim for 15 to 45 minutes every day to release endorphins, raise healthy HDL cholesterol and generally feel good. Need inspiration for getting out of a workout rut? Here are 6 exercise trends to explore.

Ok, so who’s up for a jog, bird watching and a glass of wine?

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