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Hydration Popsicles and Other Clever Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Hydration Popsicles and Other Clever Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

While it’s hard to beat a chilled glass of H2O to chase away a fierce thirst, we also loving thinking outside the faucet for ways stay hydrated.  During the summer it’s especially important to keep hydration top of mind since this is the season when increased outdoor activity, higher temperatures and a proclivity to enjoy those warm summer nights with a bottle of red on the back patio can promote dehydration. Thirst is the first sign you’re not getting enough water, but there are other less obvious indicators that also point to a need to drink up including a dry or sticky mouth, not peeing enough, dark yellow pee, dry/cool skin, a headache and muscle cramps.

As a general rule, most nutritionists suggest you drink at least six to eight 8oz glasses of water every day. Of course, that recommendation varies depending on several factors including how hot and dry the climate is where you live and how often you exercise.  Here’s a fun tool to calculate how much water your body needs.

Luckily, staying hydrated need not be as mundane as counting cups – it can be fun, and dare we even say enjoyable? The following suggestions are also great for ensuring children – who may not LOVE plain, old H20 –get the water they need. Here are our favorite ways to add some splash to your hydration routine.

Popsicles. You know what they say: A popsicle a day keeps the doctor away. Well, not really, but they should. Popsicles are a great way to stay cool, hydrated and sneak in healthful ingredients to make your body hum. The trick is preparing them yourself since many store-bought popsicles contain excess sugar, food dyes, and other unimpressive ingredients. Sorry, Otter Pops. Here’s a cleaned up version for the kiddos and another that can be made with ice cube trays these. We’re also swooning over these Power Pops.

Sun Tea. Is there anything more poetic than sun tea? There it sits, soaking up the rays, deepening in flavor becoming quite literally sunshine in a glass. Just be careful to take proper precautions before setting and forgetting your sun-tea pitcher as too much time in the sun can be harmful. Here’s a safe way to get your brew on.

Kombucha. Speaking of brewing, kombucha is an awesome way to hydrate and get a healthy dose of probiotics. Plus, because the SCOBY (i.e.) the thing that ferments kombucha, requires warmer temperatures, summer’s prime time to try your hand at a homemade batch – just don’t stick your jar in the sun, which makes the SCOBY angry. Here’s a go-to recipe to get started. Not your jam? Hit up your grocery story. Here’s a roundup of kombucha brands to try.

Muddle. There’s a reason cucumber water is a favorite on the spa circuit – it tastes, well, special. But you don’t have to plop down spa prices to enjoy this delight all the time. When you muddle your own you can also be creative.  Apricot Mint? Mango Lemon? Pineapple Basil? Why not? You’ll be surprised at what these simple additions can do. This personal fruit infuser makes it easy.

Fizzy Water. Water instantly becomes more interesting with bubbles, right? We’re big fans of SodaStream for this simple reason. Not interested in dropping $100 on an at-home carbonator? LaCroix aka “Hipster Soda” to the rescue. Seriously though, these beauties are calorie free, sugar-free, sodium free and contain no artificial sweeteners. With flavors (all in French BTW) like Pamplemousse (grapefruit), Melón Pomelo (cantaloupe and pink grapefruit) and Cerise Limón (cherry lime), it’s hard to get too much of this good thing. 

Soup. Chilled soup makes an excellent summer meal and supports hydration. Two birds meet our one stone. Gazpacho, melon cucumber, sweet red pepper beet, chilled potato leek, need we say more?

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