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New Research About the Mediterranean Diet

mediterranean diet inspiration

A Mediterranean Diet is One of the Healthiest Ways to Eat

Truth be told, we’re not big fans of the D word – that is, diets. We support eating healthily for your lifestyle and body. What that means is unique for everyone. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all foolproof plan and so often adopting a “diet” is more about shedding pounds than optimizing nutrition and achieving overall wellness. Still, we get that the D word is unavoidable. A diet is, after all, simply what one consumes, and we all have one. While we’re cautious of eating plans that tout themselves as the end all be all, we know that not all D-words are bad. In fact, there’s some like Michael Pollan’s Food Rules that are pretty helpful for discerning what does and does not belong on your plate. That’s why when we came across this recent study about the Mediterranean Diet our interest piqued.

Evolution of Mediterranean Diet Meals

Do you remember the Mediterranean Diet? Comb your family’s bookshelves and you’re likely to find a dusty copy of something like this on the shelf. It’s the diet that put olive oil on the map. Before that, a lot of us were cooking with scary fats like canola oil and hydrogenated soybean oil. Gross. Anywho, since the 90s and early Aughts, eating Mediterranean style has lost steam, but we think it deserves another day in the (Tuscan) sun for one reason: it’s sensible.

What Foods Does Mediterranean Eating Focus On?

Mediterranean eating is about putting vegetables and fruits first, yeah!, as well as nuts, seeds, whole grains and fish. Poultry and dairy are eaten in moderation. Red meat is for special occasions, and added sugar, processed meat and processed foods, in general, are avoided. That sounds pretty do-able aka sane. Eating Mediterranean is about choosing real food, eating rich foods in moderation and cutting out everything else. Though it seems pretty straightforward, we must remember this way of eating was novel after the efficiency-focused, processed-food loving 80s.

Health Benefits Of Mediterranean Foods

Though today we’ve left the Mediterranean diet withering on the vine in favor of other diets, research shows it’s still a seriously good way to eat.  The Mediterranean diet is associated with protecting against developing type 2 diabetes, promoting cardiovascular health, reducing risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, reducing risk for developing Parkinson’s disease and helping to fight cancer. And, the studies about this beneficial way to eat continue. New research shows that eating a Mediterranean diet can not only help prevent osteoporosis but reduce bone loss in people who have it.

Modern Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Now, there’s no need to dust off those old cookbooks to get started with eating the Mediterranean way. In fact, you don’t need an app or a book at all to understand the keys to the Mediterranean Diet.  If you’re primarily eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains, poultry occasionally and red meat just once in a while, you’re basically doing it. We’re all about any “diet” that centers around whole foods and let’s you decide what’s best for you.

Ready for some Mediterranean diet-friendly recipes? Virtually everything here basically fits the bill.



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