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Is Arugula Good for You? 10 Reasons To Love This Powerhouse Green  

Is Arugula Good for You? 10 Reasons To Love This Powerhouse Green  

Why We Love Arugula

Arugula does not hold back in making its presence known. Both nutty and a bit peppery, it adds oomph to everything from salads to pestos. Perhaps that’s why it’s a favorite around the world. Across the pond, it’s known as rocket. Elsewhere you may also see it as rucola, roquette, and colewort. But there’s more to love about this feather green than it’s unique flavor. It’s also one of the healthiest greens out there.

Ever Wonder What Minerals Are In Arugula?

Did you know that arugula has more calcium and zinc than kale? It’s also nutritionally equal to kale in iron and magnesium and has fewer carbohydrates and naturally occurring sugars. Still, when you look at the two greens side-by-side, kale does win for some impressive health benefits including its stellar fiber, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K content.  The good news is we’d never want to replace kale entirely with arugula anyway — just eat more of both.

Here Are 10 Reasons We Always Keep A Bag Of This Powerhouse Green In Our Refrigerator

It’s an Immune Booster.

If you’re feeling under the weather, it may not be the first thing you turn to, but it can help. That’s because it contains a good amount of vitamin C — a known immune booster.

You Can Put It In Anything.

This green really knows no bounds. A handful is a welcome addition to anything from roasted vegetables to soups to pasta. The key is to add it once the dish is done cooking. Otherwise, it can get slimy. Here are more ideas for how to use it.

It Makes a Great Pesto.

Let’s face it, when basil is not in season, making a good pesto can be a pricey endeavor. Use arugula instead to enjoy pesto year round. Here’s our favorite recipe.

Arugula Supports Strong Bones and Teeth.

That’s because of the presence of Vitamin K. In fact, some experts believe that Vitamin K is more essential for bone health than calcium. Luckily, arugula contains both.

It’s An Alkaline Food.

Consuming alkaline foods is essential for supporting healthy pH levels in your body. If your body is too acidic that can lead to health issues including chronic pain, inflammation, hypertension, and stroke.  Read more about alkaline foods here.

Arugula Supports Eye Health.

This fantastic green is high in beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are shown to fight against macular degeneration and to protect the retina and cornea from UV damage.

It Stays Fresh Longer Than Other Greens.

Unlike that bag of mixed greens, this green powerhouse will keep in your fridge for a week or longer. We like to limit the possibility of greens going bad before we get to them whenever possible.

Arugula Supports Maintaining A Healthy Weight.

Eat a cup with your meal and you’re more likely to consume fewer calories overall. That’s because it’s highly nutrient-dense and a good source of fiber – meaning your body will signal to your mind that it’s full sooner.

It’s a Natural Cancer Fighter.

Arugula is a member of the cruciferous family – like broccoli and cauliflower. These foods contain isothiocyanates, which is what gives many of these kinds of vegetables their sulfur smell and is responsible for arugula’s peppery kick. Research shows a lower risk of developing cancer among people who regularly consume these phytonutrients.

Arugula Can Help Prevent Diabetes.

A clinical study found that arugula oil from seeds can help stabilize blood sugar levels. While we’re more likely to eat the leaves than the seeds, there’s certainly arugula oil in leaves as well.

Ready for more Arugula in your Diet? Here are some great ways to use it.

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