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Hitting the Trail? Here Are The 5 Snacks You Should Pack

5 favorite trail snacks

Hitting the trail? Making sure you’re properly fueled is as much a part of getting outside as taking in the scenery. Whether you’re a trail snack-packing pro or often find yourself grappling with what to grab, preparation always pays off when it comes to filling a daypack with the right trail snacks.

Luckily, the best trail snacks is a thing we know a bit about. Our office is in the virtual outdoor playground of Boulder Colorado, and many of us can’t wait to lace up our hiking boots after, before and during the workday. When a trail is calling, we don’t ask questions. Here’s a peek at what we’re sure to always carry in our packs.

Our 5 Favorite Trail Snacks

Something Trail-Mixy For Easy Snacks

Think trail mix, granola or a fruit and nut mix. This is all about fueling your trip with a mix of healthy fats and carbs. It’s the thing you’ll be snacking on throughout your journey so it should give you energy without spiking your blood sugar. Make your own or try one of our ready-to-go faves:

Rosemary Harissa Nut Fusion
KitchFix Grain-Free Vanilla Berry Granola
Essential Living Foods Organic Superfood Trail Mix

Something Fruity For Some Natural Sugars

Fruit never tastes better than after reaching the summit of a trail you’ve worked for. Giving your body a fruity-boost will also fuel your journey back down when your energy stores are more likely to be depleted. Dried fruit is our go-to here. It’s light to carry in your pack. As a bonus, fruity flavors can get intensified in the drying process, making it oh-so-delicious after breaking a sweat.

Banana Slices
Dried Mangoes
Apple Rings

Something Salty To Keep Balance

If you’re sweating that means you’re losing salt. And if you’re working your muscles you’re going to want to replace it. Salt is needed for contracting and relaxing muscle fibers. Keep your intake intact to skirt the all-too-uncommon post-hike charley horse.

Nacho Garden Kale Chips
SeaSnax Organic Roasted Seaweed
Mediterranean Organic Pitted Kalamata Olives

Something Satiating For That Last Push

When you’re feeling hungry, there’s nothing like protein to answer that call. You don’t need a full meal, just enough to keep your tummy from growling until you’re off the trail. Here are a few protein-packed options for carnivores and vegans alike.
GoMacro Sunflower Butter + Chocolate Bar
Nakee Butter

Chocolate For A Treat

No pack is complete without it. We always try and keep our chocolate as a summit snack and reward, but who are we kidding? Sometimes that chocolate is the first thing to get eaten on the hike.

Free2b Dark Chocolate Sun Cups
HU Cashew Butter + Vanilla Bean Dark Chocolate
Lilly’s Dark Chocolate Bar, Almond


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