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9 Fall Outdoor Activities

9 Fall Outdoor Activities

As much as we love the first week of September (late summer barbecues, cooler evenings, the first golden leaves) we also worry about what it signals—the end of summer. It won’t be long before the days grow colder, the sun shortens its path across the sky, and we’re trapped indoors daydreaming of those afternoons spent soaking up the sun by the pool. Don’t get us wrong, we see beauty in every season, we just wish, perhaps, that some last longer than others.

To boost your mood and help you hopefully relax into the inevitable, this post is dedicated to all the things we can’t wait to do outside when the weather gets cooler. That’s right, we’re going outside in the cold … willingly!  Join us in creating your own cold weather outdoor activities list. We’re going to cross off an activity each month. Before we know it, we’ll be looking forward to the next snowy season!

Join us in staying active. Not only is getting the heart pumping a great way to beat the winter blues, it also helps melt all those extra calories we’ll be enjoying at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah and in the New Year.

Great Fall Outdoor Activities!

Capture the Fall: Before the snow hits the ground, really savor the ephemeral colors of fall. Take walk to notice each unique hue. This is their grand finale before gently falling away until spring. Collect the brightest reds, oranges, yellows and golds. You can lacquer your favorites in a scrapbook or make a wreath to remind yourself the leaves will return.

Go pumpkin picking: No we’re not talking about a trip to the local grocery store. Get out in the patch and walk every row until you find just the right one. It may take awhile but the payoff is a beautiful gourd. Don’t forget to roast the seeds inside. They’re an excellent source of zinc.

Get wet: Yeah, it’s snowing or raining, but that’s what jackets are for. Don’t let a little weather keep you trapped indoors. Seize the next storm (so long it’s not particularly windy or violent) and experience it fully. Take a walk somewhere new, go on a rain-soaked run. You’ll be surprised at just how peaceful and still the world seems as it’s being blanketed in new snow or cleansed in a fresh fall rain storm.

Get some sun: Sure you may not be lounging by the pool, but it’s still possible to soak up the rays even when the weather is not so hot. Snowshoe your favorite summertime hike—don’t worry about making it the whole way, it’s much harder to hike in snowshoes which is why it burns twice as many calories (on average). As you’re working up a sweat, shed layers to capture the rays.

Try a new activity: Maybe it’s cross country skiing or yoga in the park or winter hiking? Whatever that thing is that you’ve been dying to try, make this fall and winter your chance. Just don’t fret if you struggle at first.  Learning something new can be humbling, but it’s worth it.

Hit the trail: The fall is a great time to dust off the old hiking boots. Trails tend to be less crowded and the weather is decidedly cooler. Heck, you may be inspired to turn that hike into a gentle jog or even a race with friends.

Go apple picking:  Lucky enough to live close to an orchard? Enjoy the harvest by picking your own basket of the season’s best for pies, peanut butter or eating right there on the spot.

Play a pick-up game: It’s football season and that means more than tailgating and plopping in front of the TV for hours. Before you zone out in front of the tube, grab some friends, head to a local park and start your own game of two-hand touch football. That beer will taste better after a good sweat and even some gloating (if you win).


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