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3 Tricks Chef’s Use To Make Vegetables Delicious

vegetables delicious

Making Vegetables Delicious Starts with the Recipe

Sometimes it seems fancy restaurants can be the only place to make vegetables delicious.  Try as one might to duplicate what seems pretty straightforward (wasn’t it basically just kale, apple and parmesan cheese?) there’s often just a little something missing. What’s the secret? Then there’s the trouble of just selecting interesting vegetables. Perhaps like us, you also fall into auto-pilot while in the produce section opting for what’s familiar and overlooking seasonal delights that may require recipe research and untried preparation methods? What does one do with salsify?

Most of us could benefit from taking the time to up our vegetable prep game. Not only are veggies good for us, they’re also one of the least expensive items in the grocery store and they’re incredibly filling. It’s a serious bummer then that so many of us aren’t getting enough, but we get it. For many folks, vegetables feel like something they should be eating rather than what they really want to eat. Throw in the (perceived) extra time it takes to prep veggies and you’ve got the perfect storm. What if though you could crave that bowl of summer squash with a fervor equal to your love for your favorite burrito bowl? With the below tips it just may be possible.

Easy Ways to Make Vegetables Delicious

Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson are chef/owners at the vegetable-heavy restaurant Kismet in L.A. They recently opened up to the Kitchn about how a few simple tricks help their dishes shine. Here are some of their suggestions for home cooks who want to capture that restaurant veggie taste in their own kitchen.

3 Easy Tips To Get More Flavor From Veggies

Get a Good Grill Pan.

For even heat, you’ll want something with heft. Try one like this that’s made with cast iron. “I think getting a little char on your vegetables — like whether it be fennel or summer squash or corn or anything – is a really nice way to spruce it up,” Kramer says to the Kitchn.

Don’t be afraid of raw garlic.

Though it may seem intimidating, raw garlic is a win on vegetables. Don’t be scared. “You don’t have to smash it or chop it or anything, just a little bit on a microplane – a very fine grain,” Kramer says. We can’t wait to try some grated raw garlic on these when they come out of the oven.

Say yes, to spice and pickles.

Pickles and spice and everything nice, that’s what makes veggies taste great. This may seem like a surprising combination but pickles paired with something with a kick can get an enthusiastic thumbs up. “I’m a big fan of pickled and spicy condiments,” Hymanson says. “Take some simple charred summer squash or romaine or charred cabbage and then cover it with a little raw garlic and some sort of pickled chili condiment on top. Ground chili, chopped-up pickles, and some olive oil, some zest. Easy.”


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