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10 Detoxifying Foods Your Body Will Love

10 Detoxifying Foods Your Body Will Love

Even if you’ve done your best to avoid the excess sugar, fat and salt that abounds during the holiday season, it’s hard not to feel sluggish as winter lingers on. So why not reboot by weaving detoxifying foods into your diet which naturally boost energy, flight bloating and promote weight loss. See why these 10 detoxers are worth enjoying often.

1. Almonds are remarkably high in fiber, calcium and magnesium and contain protein to stabilize blood sugar. Keep a jar by your desk for when cravings hit.

2. The phytochemicals in Beets make them natural fighters of infection and also work as blood purifiers, and liver cleansers.

3. Dark green vegetables like Kale and Broccoli are packed with chlorophyll which helps rid the body of environmental toxins and supports a healthy liver.

4. A powerful anti-inflammatory food, Cabbage also contains chemicals which activate detox enzymes in the liver.

5. Reach for Daikon to stimulate weight loss. The tuber is rich in the necessary minerals and vitamins such as riboflavin for healthy thyroid function, pantothenic acid which aids the adrenals and vitamin B6 for a healthy metabolism.

6. There’s a reason naturopaths reach for the Garlic to boost immunity. It contains compounds to stimulate circulation and help the body cleanse.

7. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and chock full of catechins which are shown to improve liver function. A healthy dose of caffeine is an added benefit.

8. Did you know that Lemons actually help convert toxins into their water-soluble form so they are more easily flushed from the body? Add a squeeze to water.

9. Studies at McGill University in Montreal have shown that Seaweed actually binds to radioactive waste in the body so it can more easily be removed. That’s not all the mineral-rich plants also adheres to heavy metals which helps the body eliminate them.

10. Water is responsible for everything the body does— from supple skin and regular bowel function to flushing out toxins and carrying nutrients to cells. Without it the cleansing foods you consume can’t take full effect, so drink up often.

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