Smyrna Figs

Exquisite, tree-ripened, dried figs don’t just “happen.” Nature is working overtime, behind the scenes, and so are we - to ensure the quality of your Smyrna Fig snacks. 

Origin of Smyrna Figs

Made In Nature’s Smyrna Figs have a long history and Turkish passports. They’re grown in the coastal mountain regions of the Aegean. Turkey is world-renowned for having, far and away, the most superbly delicious figs. And now you have them, too.

Color & Crystals

Our Smyrna Figs are allowed to dry the old-fashioned way, in the sun, right on the tree. The result: a beautiful color ranging from light tan to deep brown. “But, wait,” you might ask: “what are those white crystals?” Not to worry. That’s Mother Nature in action, a process where some of the time naturally occurring sugars emerge after the harvest to form beautiful white crystals on the fig’s soft skin, AKA sugaring – but with no sugar added! And it’s just one more reminder that there’s really nothing quite like them. 

Doing Well By Doing Good

Did you know that our bags of Smyrna figs are filled with more than just an abundance of incredible, dried, organic snacks? Our bags are also filled with teamwork, innovation and tangible good intentions. Inside these bags are snacks benefitting from Made In Nature’s 30+ years of experience and collaborative sharing with our supply partners of the best practices we find amongst them.

Delicious snacks don’t just grow on trees. Well, in some cases, they do. But then the real work begins. We care about the people who help make our products, striving to instill the high standards we believe in for worker comfort, fair wages, working hours, education. . . the list goes on and on. But, honestly, some of this stuff seems, well, pretty common sense. We are 100% committed to doing well, by doing good – for people and the planet.