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Our New Veggie Pops Are A Game Changer

Our New Veggie Pops Are A Game Changer

Our New Veggie Pops Are The Snack You Need In Your Life

We’ve got a new snack, and it’s basically a snacking game changer. Imagine if you will, a snack that offers a full serving of real vegetables, 7-9 grams of clean veggie protein, healthy fats AND tastes amazing? Until now such a snack was mere myth.  No longer with our new veggie pops.

Sure, there are protein snacks, and yes, there are veggie snacks, but to find the two together made from high-quality ingredients? Impossible. Well, the snack of dreams is now a reality. Drum roll please while we introduce you to your new go to: Veggie Pops.

Here’s How Veggie Pops are Flipping The Script on Health Snacking:

Made from Real Whole Foods. Veggie pops are made from real whole foods like kale, broccoli, carrots, and almonds, which means they’re packed with protein, fiber and vitamins. Unfortunately, many veggie snacks are made using vegetable powders rather than the real deal, which means that while they may be the same color and faintly taste like the vegetables they represent, they’re essentailly void of nutrition. You won’t have to worry about that when popping these babies.

No “filler” ingredients. That’s right, you won’t find soy, corn or other such filler ingredients on the ingredient deck of a pack of Veggie Pops, only vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices you’ll recognize. We’re using only nutrient-dense ingredients because we believe you deserve a snack that’s jam-packed with nutrition and flavor with nothing to hide.

Vegan. It’s true. We wanted to make these protein-packed delicious pops available to the most eaters possible. That’s why they’re dairy-free as well as free from all other animal byproducts.

Please, excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back.

We’d be remiss to not also mention how they taste. Imagine kale chips in pop form with a bit more bite and a little more crunch rolled in just the right blend of herbs and spices, and you’ve basically got it. If you’re a fan of kale chips – or any other kind of chip-like vegetable – you’ve got to try ‘em.

Amazing Veggie Pop Flavors

Our pops come in 3 awesome flavors: Salt and Pepper, Broccoli Chedda and ‘Sour Cream’ & Onion, and are all USDA Certified Organic (obvi).  We’d say this is guilt-free snacking at its finest.

We’re making them as fast as we can but these pops are moving quickly. Stock up so you’re never without a convenient, energy packed, protein boost in a pinch.

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