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Calling all Road Trippers! 10 Healthy Foodie Destinations That Are Worth The Drive

best foodie destinations

Summer’s Best Health Foodie Destinations

Nothing says summer like a good road trip. We often talk about snacking while on a trek to the Tetons or a scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway (and they are certainly amazingly worthy pursuits). But today we’ve got more epicurean foodie destinations on our agenda.

Locally sourced and certified organic? Yes, please. The possibility of a farm tour before dinner? Sign us up. Local craft brews and wines on tap? Keep ‘em coming. We’re loading the car with our favorite healthy snacks (it’s hard to eat junk with destinations like these) and hitting the road. Want to join us? Here’s where we’re dropping our pin.

10 Best Healthy Foodie Destinations

Hell’s Backbone Grill
Where? Boulder, Utah
Price: $$$
Why Go? Hell’s Backbone Grill is in one of the most remote towns in the United States. In fact, it’s why people go to Boulder, Utah. The restaurant was selected as a James Beard Foundation Awards semifinalist in 2017 and 2018. Chef-owners Jen Castle and Blake Spalding operate Hell’s Backbone Grill following Buddhist principles, with a commitment to sustainability, environmental ethics, and social and community responsibility. Healthy foodie destination heaven.

Blue Hill Farm
Where? Pocantico Hills, New York
Price: $$$$
Why Go? In addition to being a restaurant, Stone Barns is a working four-season farm and educational center with a mission to build consciousness about the effect of everyday food choices. Go early to tour the farm then change into your fine attire for a multi-taste feast highlighting the abundance of the Hudson Valley. If splurging is not on your menu, enjoy snacks, farm-fresh lattes, and other locally grown goodies at the Café and Grain Bar.

Where? Florida
Price: $
Why Go? Who says fast food can’t also be good for you? EVOS is doing things right. The chain uses organic and fair trade ingredients and air bakes rather than fries its fries, chicken fingers and more. Even the milkshakes, which are all under 310 calories BTW, are made with organic rBGH-free milk.

The Herbfarm
Where? Woodinville, Washington
Price: $$$$
Why Go? The Herbfarm bills itself as “a celebration of the food and wines of the Pacific Northwest,” and we couldn’t agree more. The restaurant chooses the best from farm, forest, and sea to create thematic 9-course dinner and wine pairing each night. For much of the year Herbfarm’s own gardens supply the restaurant’s produce. Go early for the wine cellar and garden tour.

Where? Boise, Idaho
Price: $$$
Why Go? Juniper is all about the ingredients. Throughout the menu, you’ll find local eggs, non-GMO and organic certifications, cage-free chicken and grass-fed beef. The chef works closely with local farmers and growers to source food with “integrity, flavor, and soul.” Here, Here!  That’s not all, Juniper’s wine and tap beer list features local wines and brews that can’t be found anywhere else.

Northstar Café
Where? Ohio
Price: $$
Why Go? Northstar is taking the idea of a “diner” to the next level. The Ohio chain (please come to Colorado!) features all organic, locally grown and artisan-made ingredients in its wraps, burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches. There are plenty of options on the menu for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike, portions are not gargantuan and the flavors are on point.

Where? Los Angeles, California
Price: $$$$
Why Go? N/naka is a kaiseki, “a traditional Japanese culinary art form that reflects the ever-changing rhythms of the earth by taking the freshest seasonal ingredients and presenting them in their most natural states.” Clear your evening and come hungry. The 13-course tasting menu takes around three hours to get through – though you’ll savor every minute. The restaurant states: “We take great care in preparing a beautiful plate and believe that the more involvement we put into a meal — no shortcuts — the more connected we feel to the food and to your experience of it.”

Claire’s Corner Copia
Where? New Haven, Connecticut
Price: $
Why Go? There’s a reason that Claire’s has been around for over 40 years. The food is awesome. It’s also organic, sustainably raised, Kosher, vegan and gluten-free. Claire’s is also committed to environmental responsibility, employing systems to cut food waste, switching to LED bulbs and cutting water use by using a low water dishwasher. Claire’s was voted one of the 10 best heart-healthy restaurants in America by MSNBC.

Blooming Beets Kitchen
Where? Boulder, Colorado
Price: $$
Why Go? We couldn’t write a post about the top 10 foodie destinations without including a favorite in our own backyard. There are lots of reasons we love Blooming Beets: It’s off the well-trodden Pearl street path, all ingredients are organic, local (when possible) and 100-percent gluten-free, and the restaurant’s mission is to provide the healthiest, cleanest and most delicious food on the planet in a friendly, positive and intimate setting. We’ll lift a kombucha glass to that!

The Fieldhouse
Where? Billings, Montana
Price: $$
Why Go? Everything is made from scratch using local, organic ingredients at The Fieldhouse. Start with the fresh bread and cultured butter and maybe the bison tartar. The menu is straightforward meaning those big sky ingredients really shine. Plus, it’s in Montana.


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