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The Trial Pack initial purchase is free and your subscription will auto-renew two weeks later at the subscription rate (10%) off plus free shipping for the Power PPuffs you choose.

The Extra P is for Protein!

The rules of snacking (and spelling) no longer apply when you Go Wild with our light and decadent Power PPUFFS™. They may be small, but these crispy bites pack a mighty punch. The extra ‘p’ could also stand for ‘perfection,’ but we’ll let you be the judge.

Go Wild Ribbon
Go Wild isn’t
just our name.

It’s our snackalicious state of mind. Our mission is simple – we create crazy tasty snacks made with real ingredients that make your taste buds go wild.

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5 Stars


"These are the best! I need to reorder and hide them from myself so they last longer than a week."

- Diana W.