You’re gonna love the newest addition to our family–the Fusion Single-Serve

August 8, 2013 | written by Susan Thanavaro | Get Cooking, Get Outside
You’re gonna love the newest addition to our family–the Fusion Single-Serve

Drum roll please … we’ve been waiting and waiting and we just can’t hold it in any longer. We have a new addition to our family. Well, four to be exact. Our newest Fusion Single-Serve Snacks landed in stores this month and we just know you’re going to love them. The certified organic blends are dressed to impress with gourmet flavor combinations that you can read all about here–but that’s not all. These packs were made for versatility. Because they’re so portable and delicious, we bet they’ll make a dried-fruit fan out of even the pickiest eaters. Don’t believe us? Put them to the test.

While they’re great on their own, our single-serve packs are also delicious with: 

Yogurt: Trying cut sugar? Buy plain rather than flavored yogurt and jazz it up with any of four flavors. In addition to a touch of sweetness you’re getting fiber and antioxidants.

Granola or muesli: If you have a go-to granola or muesli recipe, adding a bag or two offers convenience and multiple flavor combination possibilities. Or, skip the baking and add an extra flavor boost to your favorite store-bought variety.

Hot/Cold Cereal: Dried fruits plump up nicely when added to hot or cold cereal.  Try the Antioxidant Fusion over oatmeal.

Salads: Jazz up any salad with a quick sprinkle. Apple Cinnamon Fusion makes a nice pair with spinach and goat cheese.

Flapjacks: Give pancakes a tropical twist by mixing Tropical Fusion in the batter. So great you may not even need the syrup. No one needs to know you haven’t been slaving in the kitchen.

Cookies: Dress up everyday chocolate chip cookies with apricots, mulberries and cayenne from our Mediterranean Fusion. Great for gift-giving!   

Our single-serve packs can go everywhere you go. Need suggestions? Here are a few ideas:

Craving something sweet but trying to steer clear from sugar? These packs satisfy your sweet tooth without accompanying pangs of guilt.

Throw a pack in your purse or glove box for an always-at-hand sweet treat while on the run.

Swap a more sugary dessert in your kids’ lunches with Tropical Fusion. With organic bananas, mango, pineapple and a sprinkle of cocoa nibs, it’s sure to please.

Try the Apple Cinnamon while hiking or camping for a convenient energy boost.

Before a workout, The Mediterranean Fruit Fusion is a great just-a-little-something that won’t weigh you down.

We’d love your thoughts and ideas. Send us pictures of where you love to enjoy the Fusion snacks and we’ll send love back your way 🙂