Enhance Everyday Recipes by Adding Figs

March 4, 2016 | written by Susan Thanavaro | Get Cooking
Enhance Everyday Recipes by Adding Figs

Breakfast through Dinner: Healthy Figs Sweeten Any Meal

You may have heard that you can use figs in place of refined sugar in some sweeter recipes, but figs can be used for so much more! Have you thought about incorporating figs into your everyday meals?

Whether you love fresh figs or can’t get enough of dried figs, try adding figs to these well-loved recipes and meals and get ready for a tasty twist on everyday staples.

Adding figs to salads

If you love adding fruits like strawberries and pears to your salads you’re bound to enjoy the addition of figs to your next bowl of greens. The next time you’re at the grocery store or farmer’s market pick up your usual salad ingredients, plus some fresh or dried figs.

This fig salad recipe from Whole Foods is a great starting point. As the recipe suggests, you can also broil or grill the figs beforehand, and the result will be a delicious caramelization of the fruit’s natural sugars. Feta is the cheese of choice for this recipe, but a rich, creamy goat cheese would also pair wonderfully with the sweet figs.

Dried fruit aficionados can get in on the fig action, too. Toss some of our organic Black Mission figs onto this salad with goat cheese, and marvel at your restaurant-worthy meal.

Pairing figs and meat

Figs also pair wonderfully with meats. One of the easiest ways to test this idea out is to toss a few fresh, whole figs straight into the roasting pan of your next roast. They’ll cook slowly with the meat, adding a subtle sweetness that pairs well with the savory meat.

And, for the bacon lovers out there, here’s an appetizer you’ll crave: bacon wrapped figs. It’s a sweet, salty, and flavorful finger food that’s a breeze to prep. Simply wrap halved figs in thinly sliced bacon using approximately half a slice per fig. Secure with a toothpick, broil until the bacon is crisp and the fig is hot, then enjoy. For an even faster, no-cook option opt for prosciutto.

Snacking on figs

Figs are also great snacks, whether you’re eating them on their own or paired with something else. For a quick pick me up, our tart cherry fig FiggyPops can’t be beat. You can also give the tried-and-true oatmeal and blueberries combo a break by chopping up fresh or dried figs and adding them to your next bowl of oatmeal.

If you really want to go all out, how about some homemade Fig Newtons? You’ll have to commit to this recipe, because it’s definitely not a quick one, but the end product will be well worth the effort. And when you look at the recipe, remember that Calimyrna figs and our organic Smyrna figs are the same delicious variety of fig!

Figs and cocktails

While you’re in the fig-loving spirit, why not top things off with a cocktail that highlights your new favorite fruit? Pair this fig old fashioned with a sunny afternoon and good company and you just might develop a fresh appreciation for this new spin on a classic cocktail.

Do you like figs, or are you still trying to find the love? What are some of your favorite ways to add figs into everyday meals? Don’t be shy — share your thoughts in the comments!