100% Plant-Based
Naturally Sweetened with Fruit
Certified Organic
Fair Trade Cocoa
Better-For-You Indulgences
Rich cacao and naturally sweet fruit. Can you think of a more heavenly combination? The ancients believed these to be foods of the gods, and with one guilt-free bite, you’ll discover why. Ancient Fudge is a modern take on a legendary recipe of crushed cacao and fresh fruit. It’s a sweet, shameless indulgence — the first 100% plant based fudge crafted with organic ingredients and without added sugars or fats. Traditions this good never get old.
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Almond Sea Salt

Ancient Fudge takes inspiration from traditional methods to make the first 100% plant-based fudge made from first-press cacao and fruit, free from added sugars and added fats. Now you can enjoy this classic treat without regrets because it is made with guilt-free organic ingredients.

Almond Sea Salt