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Perfect Protein Snacks To Fuel Your Day

Perfect Protein Snacks To Fuel Your Day

Go Wild Power Ppuffs are a great way to get your protein fix. They're made using only natural, non-GMO ingredients and are packed with muscle-building amino acids. Plus, they contain significantly less sugar than traditional protein bars without compromising on flavor. The protein source for POWER PPUFFS is called milk protein isolate.

Why milk protein isolate?

Milk protein isolate is a great way to supplement your diet with all the amino acids you need. It's created from skim milk powder, making it low in lactose and fat - plus high in muscle-building proteins. It contains casein, which is digested more slowly, so it is more filling. Slower digestion means the amino acids are released gradually, so this form of protein lasts longer, giving you more energy for your daily activities.

Milk protein isolate is a great way to fuel your fitness goals. This dynamic dairy superfood is packed with branched-chain amino acids that can give you a real boost – like leucine, which is especially beneficial for muscle growth and preventing muscle breakdown. Add in the fact that it's also packed with protein and essential aminos to make it one of the best sources for building lean muscle mass. Research has shown that milk protein is better than soy in promoting muscle growth, and it can lead to faster muscle growth and longer-lasting results than either casein or whey proteins alone.

Protein bars (and drink powders) most commonly use soy protein isolate - but did you know that it's heavily processed using high heat, which wipes out valuable nutrients? Even worse, many of the soybeans grown in US fields come from Genetically Modified crops.

If you're trying to build lean muscle mass- and who isn't? - soy protein isolate lacks those essential branched-chain amino acids that muscle tissue requires for growth.

Compared to one of the top-selling soy-based protein bars, Power Ppuffs provide more muscle-building protein and much lower fat and sugar. If you're trying to stay healthy, reducing sugar intake can be one of the biggest challenges- it's in everything! Power Ppuffs contain only 5 grams of sugar, compared to the popular protein bar, with a whopping 17 grams per serving!

Pick Your Favorite Flavor

Power Ppuffs come in a selection of six delicious flavors: peanut butter, dark chocolate sea salt, dark chocolate raspberry or cherry, cookies & cream, and birthday cake. 

Power Ppuffs are great for growing kids who are at that picky stage about food and so need more protein and calories. Adults love them too because they're convenient to throw into your gym bag for a pre-workout snack or toss into your backpack to help you survive a grueling hike. Power Ppuffs are the perfect size to blend into a boring trail mix to add an extra boost of protein and flavor.



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