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Orders $50+ Get Free Contiguous 🇺🇸 Shipping

August's Cocoa Crate

August's Cocoa Crate

Below you'll see what each item in our Cocoa Crate is and what flavors they encompass!

Cafe Latte Espresso Beans: The best part of waking up? A handful of Cafe Latte Espresso Beans! We take fresh roasted Colombian coffee beans and tumble them in 100% real white chocolate with a touch of milk chocolate.

Old Fashioned Whiskey Truffles: Scotch. Muddled cherries. A twist of lemon. The Old Fashioned. Debbas Gourmet hand-crafted small batches of truffles with a unique ganache center. While blending our exclusive chocolate and fresh cream to create the ganache, a single-malt scotch was blended with a touch of lemon and cherry to craft our Old Fashioned Truffles.⁠ Skip the tulip glasses and single ice cube. We’ve got you covered.⁠

Caramel Filled Chocolate Bars: Using fresh dairy cream and butter, we cook our caramel in copper kettles until it's rich and silky smooth. In these unique bars, we layer the caramel into the center of a Milk and Dark chocolate blended bar.

Jumbo Rocky Road: This month, we’re including a classic, the Jumbo Rocky Road!⁠ We blend 100% real chocolate with real California grown almonds and creamy marshmallows to create a one-of-a-kind rocky road dessert!⁠ ⁠ Big enough to share, delicious enough to eat yourself

Bergamot Black Tea Bar: We've taken our 100% real white chocolate and infused it with bergamot oil and black tea to create this delicious chocolate bar. Pro tip: try it with a graham cracker…or a crumpet!

Cinnamon Cereal Bites: Inspired by one of our favorite cereals! Cinnamon graham rings made with a touch of honey are tumbled in a creamy white chocolate and Saigon cinnamon. Warning: These may be habit forming!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Enjoy a new take on chocolate covered strawberries with these Debbas Gourmet Chocolate Covered All Natural Dried Strawberries! Dried strawberries are dipped in our exclusive dark chocolate to create a treat that is equally fruity and delectable.

Birthday Malt Balls: It's never too early to celebrate your birthday, and we know just the thing to help make your day extra special. Birthday Malt Balls! We take delicious malt centers and coat them in our rich white chocolate and birthday glitter. Make a wish!

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