Made in Nature Announces Two New Key Positions!Written by Susan Thanavaro | Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Made in Nature® announces Two New Key Positions to

Amplify Market Development and New Product Introductions

Made In Nature has announced the appointment of two new key additions to their management team. “With the rapid growth and diversification of our product portfolio, we are thrilled to have Brian Ross and Dan Heiges join us as we continue to introduce innovative, new products to the North American marketplace,” said Doug Brent, CEO of Made In Nature. “Made In Nature has a longstanding commitment to 100% real food made from the finest quality organic fruits and vegetables. Our new products will continue to raise the bar for great taste and nutrient density without asking consumers to sacrifice convenience.”

Brian Ross will assume the newly created position of Chief Innovation Officer, where he will be responsible for establishing new distribution strategies, business opportunities, product lines and packaging technologies to fuel the company’s growth into the future.  Ross brings 20 years of experience and a proven track record of leading innovation at several successful startup companies including Oregon Chai (now owned by the Kerry Group), Izze (now owned by Pepsi), and most recently as the CEO of Cheribundi, where Brian expanded distribution across natural, conventional and mass-market grocery channels and launched 4 new product lines into the market place.

“I am delighted to be joining Made In Nature,” Ross said. “I embrace the opportunities that we have to make an impact on the health and wellness of consumers by delivering great tasting, organic products. I feel privileged to have the chance to work on such an inspirational and timely goal.”

Dan Heiges will join the team as the VP of New Product Development.  With a strong eye on providing “real food” to consumers in convenient ways, Dan will work with Made In Nature’s Development Team to deliver delicious and nutritious organic foods to our customers. With a background in Food Science from the University of Maryland and over 25 years experience in Food Safety and Product Development, Dan has been responsible for launching or reformulating over 1,000 Natural and Organic products during his career including the first Certified Organic Product in the State of Texas. Prior to joining Made In Nature, Dan launched many successful new products for brands including Sprout Foods and Altar Herbal Martinis, and served as the Director of Research & Development, Quality Assurance and Corporate Standards at Wild Oats Markets.

“This is an incredible opportunity to expand into new categories with innovative products, while at the same protecting the core values set in place 25 years ago by Made In Nature as an organic pioneer,”” said Heiges. “I’m excited for the challenge of spearheading our product development efforts.”

Ross and Heiges will work closely with Made In Nature’s Marketing, Sales and Operation teams to advance ideation and help shape the company’s organic innovation platform across all segments and businesses.  Ross and Heiges will both join the executive management committee and will be based in our new headquarter offices and test kitchen in Boulder, CO.

New Venture Collaboration with Northwest Pacific Kale Chips!Written by Susan Thanavaro | Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Made in Nature™ and Pacific Northwest Kale Chips announce a new venture to lead the innovation charge in healthy snacking.

Made In Nature and Pacific Northwest Kale Chips are thrilled to announce that they are joining forces to take a prominent position in the healthy snacking category. Made In Nature, based in Boulder, Colo. is the number one selling organic dried fruit company in the US and is rapidly expanding into other healthy snacking and ready-to-eat categories.

The new venture will be named Pacific Superfood Snacks  and will be headquartered in Portland, Ore where it will broadly expand into other healthy snack categories. Pacific Northwest Kale Chips are currently distributed in Whole Foods Market, Vitamin Cottage, and independent grocers on the west coast. The partnership between the two brands enhances their mutual dedication to provide convenient, organic food that is both nutritious and delicious.

“The Pacific Northwest Kale Chips team has demonstrated incredible product development talent by creating unique flavors and improved textures that separate them from the pack. Their youthful exuberance and entrepreneurial desire will help us to bring fresh, new products to market,” said Doug Brent, president and CEO, Made in Nature. “With Made In Nature’s 25 year history in the healthy snacking category, we see this partnership as a way to bring greater innovation to the snack category.”

USA Today reported a remarkable 400% increase in appearance of kale on restaurant menus over the past five years, and the kale trend continues to grow. The new venture will continue to innovate and launch healthy, new snackfood lines under the Pacific Superfood Snacks brand name in addition to the Made In Nature brand. Made In Nature plans to introduce kale chips and coconut chips to their Costco customers this month.

“Our product lines are so complementary – they’re organic, made with real food and are nutritionally dense while being irresistibly delicious,” said Sarah Pool, founder and CEO, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips. “And our companies share the same core values to protect our food source and the people who help bring it to our table, including our own employees. We’re thrilled to join Made In Nature and continue to grow and innovate the healthy snacking category.”

5 Tips to Inspire Your Kids to Eat More Fruit!Written by Susan Thanavaro | Monday, May 5th, 2014

Let’s face it, most kids are picky eaters, and fighting the good fight can be exhausting. It can be hard to find the time or the will to talk your kids into eating their fruit when all they want is a french-fry or a piece of chocolate.  Never fear! We’ve taken the time for you and come up with a few easy tips to entice your children to eat their fruit!

1. Make easy, healthy, kid-friendly recipes that kids will love! Apple wedges dipped in chocolate and oats, banana foster parfaits, white chocolate-cherry bark, and chocolate-peanut butter pudding! The possibilities are endless!

2. Children are more invested in a meal if they help with its preparation. Taking your kids with you to the farmers market or grocery store and letting them pick one or two things to cook for dinner can make them far more excited to eat it later.

3. Creating positive food experiences can decrease picky eating tendencies. Teach your kids that food is fun! Trying new flavors and enjoying the combination of two flavors can be surprisingly fun!

4. One thing you have working in your favor is that children like colorful foods. Fruit is super colorful and can entice children to have fun with their food. You and your kids can talk about your favorite colors and relate the colors of the fruit to familiar objects in nature, like flowers!

5. Children love when their food is designed into patterns on their plate. Creating fun patterns with food or arranging into a smiley face will encourage happy eating!


Our colorful, healthy, and delicious organic dried fruit will teach your kids that fruit is good and good for you! Also, take advantage of our super yummy Single Serve Fruit Fusions! Perfect for “on the go” snacking, so you and your kids don’t have to sacrifice nutrition and flavor for convenience!

Welcome! Now sit back and relaxWritten by Susan Thanavaro | Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Life should be more like a bowl full of cherries, don’t you think? Let us help.

We know you’re busy. Between shuttling the kids between practices, figuring out what’s for dinner and maintaining your own health and wellness goals, who couldn’t use a few resources to boost sanity?  We hope to be that extra hand that helps you keep it all together. That’s why our 100-percent organic dried fruits use only the best tasting, most mouth watering ingredients. How do we do it? We work with the most dedicated family of farmers to grow the highest quality fruit – fruit that shines with the ‘taste of place’ like no other. So, when you support Made In Nature, you’re doing your part to nourish not only your family but also the planet. And of course, we’re always striving to offer more. We’ve been brainstorming in what other ways we can connect with and be a resource to you, and  we think our new blog is just the ticket.

To make life just a little less hectic we’ll provide quick tips (gleaned from our many trial and errors) and information to motivate, empower and streamline how you approach your day-to-day. We’ll keep it short, sweet and fun, so you can easily absorb and implement what works best for you. Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll be covering:

Quick and easy recipes. Impromptu dinner party? No problem. Nutrient dense kids snacks? We got you covered. Our quick and easy recipes will streamline mealtimes and make you look like a whiz in the kitchen. Don’t worry, we don’t need the credit.

Tips to promote balanced living. Why you should buy organic bananas if they have such a thick peel? How can you easily manage clutter to make your space a true sanctuary? Get the answers to inform your decisions in the home, kitchen, grocery store and more.

The down low on free stuff.  We love getting free samples and suspect you do as well! Our contests and giveways will be announced here, so check back often. We promise to make it worth your while.

We love any excuse for a celebratory treat so to kick things off, and keep cool in June’s heat, we’d love to share this festive and easy freezer staple to sustain you through the summer.

Look for a new post each week and please submit any feedback. We’re here for you!

Fruit-infused Ice


1/3 cup Made In Nature Organic Pineapple and/or Made In Nature Organic Mangos (diced)

Ice Tray of your choosing

Water (or juice, i.e lemonade, punch or lime juice)


1. Dice the mangos and/or pineapple. Make sure the pieces are small enough to fit in your ice tray mold

2. Drop diced fruit pieces into the ice tray mold

3. Fill ice tray with water (or juice)

4. Place the tray in the freezer for about 8 hours or until frozen

5. Serve with your favorite drinks and enjoy!