Winter Blues? 5 Things To Help With Seasonal DepressionWritten by Kelsey Blackwell | Monday, January 9th, 2017


In the winter, long nights and, in many places, inclement weather make many hunger for the warm rays of summer. We’re especially prone to feel a little low post holiday season when it can feel that there’s not much to look forward to but months ahead of more cold and grey. If you’re finding that winter weather has got you feeling tired, irritable and hungry for comforting high-carb foods, you may be experiencing SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. This condition impacts roughly 4 to 6 percent of the population. Another 10 to 20 percent have mild SAD, and if you’re a woman, you’re 4-times more likely than a man to experience it. If the winter doldrums have got the best of you, consider the following activities, which may help boost your spirits until spring comes along. While these suggestions may be helpful for anyone experiencing a mild case of winter blues, if your condition is more serious or persists beyond a few days, consult a physician.

1. Simulate the sun. Experts agree that winter depression is often caused by lack of exposure to sunlight. If your city is under cloud cover for several days at time, consider a sun substitute. Light therapy, where participants sit in front of a prescribed light for a specific duration of time, can be an effective treatment for SAD. If you suspect light therapy might be helpful for you, speak with your doctor first who can help you choose a light box and suggest a duration of time.

2. Get outside anyway. When temperatures drop, motivating yourself to get outside isn’t easy, but if you do, you may experience significant benefits. Getting a few breaths of fresh air is shown to improve focus, reduce symptoms of SAD and reduce stress.

3. Establish a routine. “Anyone can benefit from a morning routine, whether you have depression or not,” said Renee Garfinkel, PhD, in an article published by everydayhealth. “When you’re living with depression, establishing a morning routine may need to be more of a conscious choice. Depression can make you wonder why you should bother getting out of bed at all. Having a routine that feels automatic can give you less time to dwell in that mindset.” Make your first task something that’s easy to accomplish such as 5 minutes of stretching or drinking a glass of water. Here’s an example.

4. Kick the carbs. Recent research shows that eating refined carbohydrates – white bread, white rice and sodas – may raise your risk of experiencing depression. What’s more, when we are depressed we’re more likely to reach for these comfort foods. “Luckily, the opposite also appears to be true,” according to an article in Health. “Those who ate lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and dietary fiber appeared to see their risk for depression drop.”

5. Plan a vacation. Dreaming of a warm sandy beach? Make that dream a reality, and soak up some surprising benefits, by starting your vacation planning during the dead of winter. Research shows that just thinking about your next getaway can significant boost your mood.

Happy New You with Conscious Cleanse & Made In NatureWritten by Susan Thanavaro | Saturday, December 31st, 2016


We’re excited to announce that a few of us at Made In Nature are taking part in the next Conscious Cleanse, which starts on January 4th. The New Year, New You January Cleanse is a 2-week program that helps you hit the refresh button and establish healthy habits that will keep you feeling great all year long.

We’ve partnered with Jo of the Conscious Cleanse because like us, they’re all about real, whole foods that make you feel good. Plus, our Supersnacks are cleanse-approved! We sat down with them to get the lowdown on the cleanse, along with their favorite healthy habits.


What inspired you to create the Conscious Cleanse?

When I was younger, I can remember wanting to help people heal and for a very long time, I thought I would be a doctor. In 2004, I was hit by a truck going 70 mph on my bike and was told that I would be disabled for the rest of my life. That was a huge turning point because I thought I would never be able to live a normal life, let alone fulfill my dreams of becoming a doctor. After much trial and error, I realized that I could use nutrition to help heal my body and with life changing results. I reduced my chronic pain, lost 40 pounds, and had hope for the first time since my accident. For me, the Conscious Cleanse was born from the idea that everyone can heal and everyone can feel good. I feel inspired everyday to get out of bed and team up with people who are ready to make a change in their life.

What’s your advice to people who haven’t ever done a cleanse before, and are a little unsure if it’s for them?

For the sake of clarity, when we’re referring to the Conscious Cleanse, we’re not referring to a juice cleanse or the master cleanse. On the Conscious Cleanse, you’ll eat real food and lots of it! Our program is designed to help clean out your digestive systems, remove allergens and ultimately help guide people towards healthier nutritional choices.

Our goal through the program is to make long-lasting change that stick! While you will lose weight, it’s not the focus of our program. Over the course of 2 weeks you’ll make healthy changes that will become part of your daily routine, so that when the cleanse is over, you won’t go back to your old ways.

What’s your favorite healthy snack to enjoy when you’re in cleanse mode?

We love kale chips! They’re salty and crispy and satisfy unhealthier cravings. We believe that cleansing isn’t about depriving yourself of your favorite treats, rather it’s about learning to find a healthy alternative to what you crave.

Since this isn’t the first cleanse you’ve led, can you let us know what you’re most excited about this New Year, New You January Cleanse?

Everytime we run a cleanse, we feel inspired by the people who come to our program. Typically people come to lose weight and feel healthier and we love that! But, what’s even more incredible is when cleansers start to see changes happening in their body, they get inspired about other areas in their life. Participants get empowered to do things they’ve never done before- to put themselves outside of their comfort zone and open to new possibilities. We tear up at the end of every cleanse seeing their incredible transformations.

Join us! Click here to register for the cleanse by January 3rd.

There are 3 different packages available, with an option to add on one-on-one wellness sessions with Jo or Jules! The Made In Nature team will be blogging about our cleanse journey, and we’d love to hear about your experience too.

7 Healthy Ways to Ring In The New Year in 2017Written by Kelsey Blackwell | Thursday, December 29th, 2016

healthy-new-year-2017Donning your finest threads and popping a bottle (or two) of champagne, is not the only way to bring in 2017. While we enjoy a festive party just as much as anyone, we also love stepping into a new year feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for anything. Overindulging and/or staying out well past bedtime (no matter how fancy your dance-floor footwork) is just no way to start the subsequent morning on solid ground. Still, hitting the lights well before the first firework isn’t the way to go either. You’ve got to live a little, right? Here are 7 healthy ways to have your cake, ahem, coconut, and eat it too this year.


  1. Host a vegan potluck. During the New Year people are often thinking about stepping up their health regimen. This can translate to more openness around considering dietary changes. Introduce friends to a healthier way of eating, and show them how satisfying and delicious going vegan can be. When the clock strikes midnight, celebrate with a kombucha toast to really get into the spirit.
  2. Dance the night away – sans booze. Did you know dancing can burn upwards of 350 calories an hour? Don’t let your slick moves go to waste by ingesting just as much as you’re burning. A glass of champagne has roughly 95 calories per 4 oz., which can quickly add up.
  3. Give yourself drink tickets. Only you know how much alcohol you can reasonably consume without feeling “off” the next day. Make a plan before the big day by giving yourself a drinking budget and sticking to it even at the height of festive revelry.
  4. Do a new class. How long has that intro capoeira class been on your to-do list? Hot Yoga? Blues Dancing? What’s more empowering than starting the New Year literally in the act of crossing off one of your resolutions?
  5. Celebrate like an 8 year-old. Rather than scouring for a sitter or dropping the kids off with grandparents, make them the center of your celebration. Create your own New Year’s ritual by lighting candles and sharing aspirations. They’ll likely be delighted, and you’ll enjoy a low-pressure evening. Board games? Check! Mac & Cheese? Check! Lights out by 10? Check!
  6. Volunteer. The holiday season can be a tough time for many. Help brighten another’s day, (and, perhaps find a warm internal do-gooder glow) by offering your time at a local shelter, food bank, senior home or anywhere else your heart is called. Being in service to others is the ultimate reward.
  7. Meditate. Breath in, breath out and find your Zen during an evening of meditation. Many meditation centers offer open sits to the general public on New Year’s Eve and Day. If the holiday season left you feeling scattered, anxious and exhausted, or you simply want to experience a real break during the holiday break, sitting for a full day in a quiet space may be just the medicine you need.

3 Reasons To Eat More Cranberries (You’ll Be Surprised)Written by Kelsey Blackwell | Monday, December 19th, 2016

Sure, cranberries are good, especially when they’re not gelatinized into a formidable side dish, but do you know exactly how good? Recent research suggests that the humble cranberry could pack more of a punch than you know. This holiday favorite may offer a host of unexpected benefits beyond its already impressive nutritional profile. Here are a few reasons why we love delicious, organic cranberries.


Cranberries fight bacterial infections.

This may not come as news since cranberry pills and juice are commonly used to treat the bacterial infection that leads to uncomfortable urinary tract infections. Now scientists are discovering that the berry’s bacterial-fighting powers could be beneficial for treating other types of bacterial infections (think, strep throat, food poisoning caused by e. coli and meningitis). The phytochemicals in cranberries disrupt pathogens’ ability to move about the body and adhere to other cells.

Cranberries can protect your pearly whites.

Proanthocyanidine, a compound found naturally in cranberries, is shown to prevent plaque. This is the sticky substance that naturally collects on teeth, traps acid and leads to tooth decay and gingivitis. Proanthocyanidine is so beneficial for dental health that doctors are currently working on a mouthwash featuring the compound. Consider adding 100 percent cranberry juice to your diet to reduce plaque by up to 50 percent.

Cranberries contribute to gut health.

If you’re not familiar with the gut microbiome, it may be time to get better acquainted. This mini-ecosystem in the body is made up of thousands of microbes, which play a big role in regulating the health of the immune system and brain. These microbes also help the body balance energy and use carbohydrates and fat. Research shows that cranberries may support microbiome health by strengthening gut defense systems and protecting against infection – meaning they can help keep many important systems running smoothly. That’s big!

To get the most out of your fruit, avoid cranberry products that contain high-fructose corn syrup or unhealthy sweeteners.  Made In Nature Organic Cranberries are moist, sweet and free of refined sugars. We add just a touch of apple juice concentrate so you can snack in confidence.

If you need suggestions for cranberry snacking beyond grabbing handfuls from the bag, here are our favorite recipes.

Cranberry Mole
Granola with Cranberries and Raisins
Dried Apple Cranberry Conserve
Dried Cranberry & Apricot Braised Lamb Chops
Cranberry, Oatmeal & White Chocolate Cookies

Vegan Holiday Recipes To “Wow” The Whole FamilyWritten by Kelsey Blackwell | Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Vegan Holiday Recipes

Preparing a holiday menu that the whole family will enjoy can be a challenge – especially when not everyone eats the same way. Perhaps your vegan household will be entertaining guests more accustomed to traditional holiday recipes? Maybe you’ll be the lone vegan at the table but would like to offer a dish that’s not quickly categorized as the healthy, vegan option i.e. “fibrous and flavorless”? Whatever your situation, adding crowd-pleasing vegan holiday recipes to your table is a worthy effort.

As you know, many dishes this time of year are laden with excess fat, oil and sugar. Our tendencies to overindulge during the holidays can lead to urgent and drastic measures to get back on track come the New Year. Conversely, a diet rich in plant-based foods can leave eaters feeling light, bright and energized. In fact, research shows that a vegan diet contributes to a host of health benefits including reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and more – but we know we don’t need to convince you. These indulgent holiday recipes emphasize healthful ingredients AND (most importantly) flavor. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if many don’t realize they’re entirely plant based.


Start the party with these festive appetizers that pack a tasty dose of heart-healthy nuts, fruits and seeds.

Avocado and Cranberry Hummus
Spicy Coconut Mango Popcorn
Sweet and Spicy Cranberries and Pumpkinseed Mix


The Main Attraction

We like to offer a spread of several main dishes to suit different palates. Give the classics a twist by adding a new salad or perhaps a few ethnic influences.

Mango Farro Pilaf
Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad
Plum and Sweet Potatoes Anna

Kale Apple Salad
Cranberry Spinach Salad
Double Baked Sweet Potato & Toasted Coconut

Dried Cranberry and Roasted Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad



You’re sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests with coconut oil, fair trade cacao and organic dried fruit.

Dessert Tamales with Coconut Sauce
Goji Berry Truffles
Forbidden Black Rice Pudding
Raw Truffle Balls
Chocolate Dipped Candied Apricots

Made In Nature Unleashes Its Full Line of New Organic Supersnacks™Written by Luke Rizzuto | Friday, June 24th, 2016


Boulder, CO , June 23, 2016 ( – Taking on the Snack Category With Products That Fuel You Up! Made In Nature™, the leader in healthy, organic snacking is unleashing a new line-up of Organic Supersnacks™ in new bold packaging at the Fancy Food Show in NYC this week. Finally, consumers will not have to make the choice between what’s healthy and what’s delicious when it comes to filling the void between meals. Their organic, ready-to-snacks include a new line of Figgy Pops, Toasted Coconut Chips, Dried Fruit Fusions, Fruit and Nut Fusions and Kale Chips.

“We are a snacking nation. Over half of all US consumers snack more than three times a day to stay nourished. Our mission is to satisfy that hunger with delicious, ready-to-eat snacks made from real fruit and real vegetables, without compromising flavor or fun,” said Doug Brent, CEO of Made In Nature. “We’re taking on chips and bars and all those other so called “better for you” snacks that are merely masquerading as nourishment. Our Supersnacks don’t just fill you up, they fuel you up.”

As part of their attack on the healthy snack category, Made In Nature is launching an entirely new package design. Andy Nathan, CMO of Victors & Spoils who led the design process said, “The new packaging was a great opportunity to reintroduce Made In Nature to the world in a bold, new way. Inspired by their ‘Nature Unleashed’ brand positioning, the packaging design is strong and vibrant, highlighting the beauty of their unadulterated product. And because they’re so grounded and authentic, we were able to juxtapose that with a very cheeky tone in a category that sometimes takes itself a little too seriously.”

Life is too short to waste on sub-par snacks. The NEWEST addition to the Made In Nature family is their line of Organic Figgy PopsTM ($9.99 for 16 oz., $4.99 for 4.2oz.) These unbaked energy balls are real Supersnacks, bursting with flavor. Figgy Pops are a blend of organic figs and other luscious fruits with nuts and power seeds — covered in coconut with the crunch you crave. These delectable morsels are made with certified USDA organic, Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients and NO refined sugar, allowing consumers to power through their day the healthy way.

Made In Nature’s Organic Toasted Coconut Chips are anything but ordinary! These zealously snappy, perfectly crunchy coconut chips ($3.99 for 3 oz.) are made from pure organic ingredients with NO refined sugars or artificial flavors. It’s a snack that’s energy packed and comes in a variety of exotic flavors like Maple Vanilla, Italian Espresso, Toasted Cinnamon, Ginger Chai and Spiced Cocoa. Permission to snack, granted.

Embracing the flavorful exotic food trend, Made In Nature also offers a line of Organic Fruit Fusions. Inspired by authentic, healthy flavors from around the world, the Fruit Fusion product line encompass both 1oz Single-Serve Dried Fruit Fusions (MSRP $5.99 for 5-pack and $1.49 for 1oz packets) and Fruit and Nut Fusions (MSRP: $6.99 for 5-oz bag).Both of these delectable products offer the perfect pairing between organic dried fruits and blends of seeds, spices and flavors. Fruit Fusions flavors include: Apple Cinnamon, Superberry, Tropical, and Mediterranean blends. Fruit and Nut Fusions flavors include: Maple Balsamic, Cinnamon Citrus, Pomegranate Ginger and Rosemary Harissa blends.

And Made In Nature really breaks the mold with their new line of dried, NEVER fried,Organic Kale Chips (MSRP $5.99 for 2.2oz). The perfect Supersnack to fuel your next adventure, these Kale Chips will light up your taste buds with a combination of organic kale and unique and outrageous spice blends. Flavors include: Bedda Than Chedda, Sriracha Chili, Olive + Sea Salt, Rosemary Truffle, and Stumptown.

Made In Nature is available nationwide at Costco, Safeway, Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Target, Meijer and wherever organic, healthy snacks are sold. To find out more about all of the Supersnacks from Made In Nature or to visit their store, please visit


Made In Nature is a trailblazer in the organic food industry with a 25-year history of sourcing and creating snacks from real food with bold, vibrant and surprising, new flavors. The same old, same old has never been their style and that means kicking refined sugar to the curb and going all-out organic in everything they do. Made In Nature’s Organic Supersnacks™ are made without the use of GMO ingredients, sulfur synthetic preservatives, color or flavorings. Go to to view the company’s full product line of Supersnacks™ and Supersides™.

Note From Pacific Superfood Snacks Founder, Sarah PoolWritten by Sarah Pool | Thursday, June 2nd, 2016


pacific superfood snacks kale chips

To Our Incredible Pacific Superfood Snacks Customers and Family:

In 2012, Pacific Superfood Snacks launched as a young, scrappy, hair-on-fire company with a mission to change the world by creating the absolute healthiest, conscience-driven snacks on the planet.

As often happens when you are working tirelessly in pursuit of a goal, the right people or circumstances come into your life at the right time. In our case, those people and circumstances were a team by the name of Made In Nature, a family that emulated everything we wanted to become as a small company. Things like: an unwavering commitment and ability to provide the absolute best organic, non-gmo, real food snacks found anywhere; an uncompromising responsibility to its customers, team, suppliers, and the planet; and a culture that thrives on adventure, innovation, and fun.

In 2014, our team at Pacific Superfood Snacks rolled up our sleeves and went to work on creating a kale chip for Made In Nature that embodied the spirit, flavor, and excitement their company is known for. The result was an organic banana coconut kale chip, so unique, so flavorful, and so nutrient-dense that we all knew we had achieved something special. The synergy between Pacific Superfood Snacks and Made In Nature served everyone’s highest values, vision, and goals, and we had the incredible opportunity to join the Made In Nature family of brands.

Since joining Made In Nature, Pacific Superfood Snacks has grown from a small, regional brand to being found in stores across the country. We have gone from producing just kale chips to innovating myriad dried vegetable snacks, complimenting the incredible line-up of organic healthy snacks found at Made In Nature, such as Coconut Chips, Figgy Pops, and Nut Fusions (my favorite is the Maple Balsamic).

Made In Nature Kale Chips

We are now taking the next exciting leap, transitioning the Pacific Superfood Snacks brand to the Made In Nature brand (check them out here!). We couldn’t be more thrilled for what is to come as it means we get to provide you a level of service and a quality of product that’s bigger than ever. We have no intentions of slowing down in providing everyone, everywhere access to the best tasting, healthiest snacks on the planet.


We want to thank everyone for their unbelievable support of Pacific Superfood Snacks. We have always felt that our customers, suppliers, staff, and vendors have been one big team, and we look forward to keeping the tradition and fun going. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Please keep in touch — you know we love your feedback, comments, questions, and suggestions! You can follow all of the exciting news and updates here:
Instagram: @madeinnature
Twitter: @madeinnature

Sarah PoolOur sincerest thanks from the team here at Pacific Superfood Snacks and Made In Nature,

Sarah Pool
Founder, Pacific Superfood Snacks


Quick Workout Routines You Can Do From HomeWritten by Susan Thanavaro | Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

HIIT, Strength Training, and More At-Home Exercising

Sometimes, I really don’t feel like leaving my house to get in a workout. Thankfully, there’s no need for a fancy gym or tons of equipment because an awesome workout can be found right in your own home. I like to switch things up with these three exercises and routines — they’re great because they’re super customizable, so it’s easy to tweak them to create a routine that’s best for your lifestyle and fitness goals.

1. HIIT at home

High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is one of the best ways to pack a huge punch in a short amount of time. By alternating high intensity bursts of work with periods of rest you’ll give your metabolism an extra boost, too. HIIT helps you continue to burn calories hours after you’ve finished your workout. But, here’s the best part — HIIT can be anything.

Quick Workouts from Home

Try doing some jumping jacks in your living room. For 45 seconds work as hard as you can. Follow up with 15 seconds of rest or walking in place. Congrats, you’ve done high intensity interval training! For a full-body HIIT experience give this intense, 7-minute workout a try. It’s killer!


New Uses for Kale Chips!Written by Susan Thanavaro | Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Put Down the Bowl and Try Kale Chips in Your Favorite Recipes

Kale chips are fantastic and there are so many different ways to prepare them: with some extra heat from spices or sprinkled with parmesan and garlic, to start. But, you don’t have to eat them straight from the bowl every time a craving hits (though we wouldn’t blame you if you did).

Kale Chips - Great for Snacking and Cooking!

I love it when people get creative with their food, thinking outside the box to create delicious new combos – and lately I’ve seen tons of interesting ways to eat kale chips. Surprisingly, there are plenty of alternative uses for kale chips that you may not have thought of before, and I’m so excited to share them with you!

If you’re running low on time or just want a hassle-free way to turn kale chips into your next power snack, we’ve got you covered. Personally, Made In Nature’s Bedda Than Chedda and Sriracha Chili kale chips are two of my favorite flavors.

Using kale chips as a snack topping

Once you’ve spiced your kale up and dehydrated the fibrous leaves into a crunchy chip (or bought your favorite kind from the store), try using them as a topping on some of your favorite snacks:

  • Crumble your kale chips and toss them in with some air popped popcorn. Chips flavored with salt and olive oil taste great, but don’t be afraid to get creative.
  • If you’re like me and tend to cover your pizza in parmesan and red pepper flakes, try making some kale chips with those same flavors. Then, you guessed it – use those kale chips as your new favorite pizza topping.
  • Who doesn’t love toast smothered in creamy avocado? Personally, I’m a huge fan. Switch up the flavor of your avocado toast by adding crispy kale chips as a topping.

Kale chips as a topping for pastas, soups, and chili


Fall FavoritesWritten by Susan Thanavaro | Monday, September 15th, 2014

The autumn season always gets me excited for baking. Something about the cool, crisp air and the change in color on the trees inspires a warm and alluring-scented kitchen. However, as much as I love to bake, I don’t like the affects of consuming heavy baked goods. Most recipes are filled with sugar and butter and I feel weighted down afterwards. I want to be able to eat something tasty and feel good afterwards. So, here are a few recipes that we enjoy at Made in Nature using our Organic Dried Fruit, which keeps those Fall cravings happy, healthy, and satisfied.

1.) Sweet and Spicy Cranberries & Pumpkin Seed Mix: A great snack for anytime of day, and it makes the house/office smell amazing! Also, a great recipe for using pumpkin seeds from carving Halloween pumpkins or making Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie!


2.) Honey Date Loaf: Everyone loves banana bread, but what about a honey date loaf? This sweet and healthy bread is perfect for dessert, breakfast, or anytime you’re craving that luscious Fall flavor. For some extra protein and a little crunch, throw in some walnuts!


3.) Cranberry Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies: For a little more indulgence and to enjoy a true dessert, these cookies are it! The savory flavor from the oatmeal paired with the tartness of the cranberries and sweetness from the chocolate chips make this a balanced treat!


I can just imagine having a lovely fire with all these delicious snacks around for family and friends to enjoy!

What to Drink This Week: Figs and BourbonWritten by Susan Thanavaro | Monday, July 14th, 2014

Black Mission Fig Old-Fashioned

Our test kitchen, and office, is always on the search for a delicious and balanced cocktail. Figs are in season for a short period of time and our Dried Organic Black Mission Figs are full of flavor and provide the perfect substitute to fresh figs. Naturally, fruit and bourbon pair together. So, we thought, why not try a spin on the traditional old-fashioned cocktail? It was 10 in the morning and we started muddling, shaking, and pouring. Everyone agreed that is was not only worthy enough to enjoy at home, but to also share with friends. So here you go friends! Cheers!


  • 1/4 Cup Organic Made in Nature Dried Black Mission Figs
  • 1 1/2 oz Bourbon
  • 1/2 oz Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice
  • 1/4 oz Maple Syrup
  • 1 tsp Balsamic Vinegar


  1. Chop 4 Organic Made in Nature Dried Black Missions Figs and place in the bottom of a glass.
  2. Add Maple Syrup and muddle into a paste.
  3. Add the bourbon, orange juice, and balsamic vinegar, and fill the glass with ice.
  4. Shake and strain into a glass with ice.

Made in Nature Announces Two New Key Positions!Written by Susan Thanavaro | Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Made in Nature® announces Two New Key Positions to

Amplify Market Development and New Product Introductions

Made In Nature has announced the appointment of two new key additions to their management team. “With the rapid growth and diversification of our product portfolio, we are thrilled to have Brian Ross and Dan Heiges join us as we continue to introduce innovative, new products to the North American marketplace,” said Doug Brent, CEO of Made In Nature. “Made In Nature has a longstanding commitment to 100% real food made from the finest quality organic fruits and vegetables. Our new products will continue to raise the bar for great taste and nutrient density without asking consumers to sacrifice convenience.”

Brian Ross will assume the newly created position of Chief Innovation Officer, where he will be responsible for establishing new distribution strategies, business opportunities, product lines and packaging technologies to fuel the company’s growth into the future.  Ross brings 20 years of experience and a proven track record of leading innovation at several successful startup companies including Oregon Chai (now owned by the Kerry Group), Izze (now owned by Pepsi), and most recently as the CEO of Cheribundi, where Brian expanded distribution across natural, conventional and mass-market grocery channels and launched 4 new product lines into the market place.

“I am delighted to be joining Made In Nature,” Ross said. “I embrace the opportunities that we have to make an impact on the health and wellness of consumers by delivering great tasting, organic products. I feel privileged to have the chance to work on such an inspirational and timely goal.”

Dan Heiges will join the team as the VP of New Product Development.  With a strong eye on providing “real food” to consumers in convenient ways, Dan will work with Made In Nature’s Development Team to deliver delicious and nutritious organic foods to our customers. With a background in Food Science from the University of Maryland and over 25 years experience in Food Safety and Product Development, Dan has been responsible for launching or reformulating over 1,000 Natural and Organic products during his career including the first Certified Organic Product in the State of Texas. Prior to joining Made In Nature, Dan launched many successful new products for brands including Sprout Foods and Altar Herbal Martinis, and served as the Director of Research & Development, Quality Assurance and Corporate Standards at Wild Oats Markets.

“This is an incredible opportunity to expand into new categories with innovative products, while at the same protecting the core values set in place 25 years ago by Made In Nature as an organic pioneer,”” said Heiges. “I’m excited for the challenge of spearheading our product development efforts.”

Ross and Heiges will work closely with Made In Nature’s Marketing, Sales and Operation teams to advance ideation and help shape the company’s organic innovation platform across all segments and businesses.  Ross and Heiges will both join the executive management committee and will be based in our new headquarter offices and test kitchen in Boulder, CO.

New Venture Collaboration with Northwest Pacific Kale Chips!Written by Susan Thanavaro | Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Made in Nature™ and Pacific Northwest Kale Chips announce a new venture to lead the innovation charge in healthy snacking.

Made In Nature and Pacific Northwest Kale Chips are thrilled to announce that they are joining forces to take a prominent position in the healthy snacking category. Made In Nature, based in Boulder, Colo. is the number one selling organic dried fruit company in the US and is rapidly expanding into other healthy snacking and ready-to-eat categories.

The new venture will be named Pacific Superfood Snacks  and will be headquartered in Portland, Ore where it will broadly expand into other healthy snack categories. Pacific Northwest Kale Chips are currently distributed in Whole Foods Market, Vitamin Cottage, and independent grocers on the west coast. The partnership between the two brands enhances their mutual dedication to provide convenient, organic food that is both nutritious and delicious.

“The Pacific Northwest Kale Chips team has demonstrated incredible product development talent by creating unique flavors and improved textures that separate them from the pack. Their youthful exuberance and entrepreneurial desire will help us to bring fresh, new products to market,” said Doug Brent, president and CEO, Made in Nature. “With Made In Nature’s 25 year history in the healthy snacking category, we see this partnership as a way to bring greater innovation to the snack category.”

USA Today reported a remarkable 400% increase in appearance of kale on restaurant menus over the past five years, and the kale trend continues to grow. The new venture will continue to innovate and launch healthy, new snackfood lines under the Pacific Superfood Snacks brand name in addition to the Made In Nature brand. Made In Nature plans to introduce kale chips and coconut chips to their Costco customers this month.

“Our product lines are so complementary – they’re organic, made with real food and are nutritionally dense while being irresistibly delicious,” said Sarah Pool, founder and CEO, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips. “And our companies share the same core values to protect our food source and the people who help bring it to our table, including our own employees. We’re thrilled to join Made In Nature and continue to grow and innovate the healthy snacking category.”

Our New SpaceWritten by Susan Thanavaro | Monday, June 23rd, 2014

At Made in Nature, we are dedicated to surrounding ourselves with great tasting, nutritional food. This is one reason why we decided to base our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado just across the street from the Boulder Farmer’s Market. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the street becomes crowded and charmed with farmers and food-lovers alike, all gathered to support the local food community and to celebrate the bountiful gifts that the earth blesses us with.

Made in Nature Test Kitchen

Our front windows (actually garage doors) open up to the street and we can play music, enjoy Sangria, and provide samples of our Organic Foods. It’s lovely. People meander through our doors in curiosity of our kitchen. Naturally, being a company filled with food-lovers, our office surrounds a colorful kitchen, enticing experimentation and inspiring innovation. The constant aroma of product development and the eclectic energy the company fuses into our brand is contagious. We wanted to create a space that encourages creativity and innovation. A place that welcomes anyone who walks through our doors and might want to try a few nibbles of our newest culinary experiments.

Boulder Farmer's Market

So, if you are in Boulder or ever find yourself visiting, be sure to stop in and see us! 

The HOT Food Trend: Gluten-FreeWritten by Susan Thanavaro | Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

With the rise in availability of healthier food options and knowledge of food allergies, living a gluten-free lifestyle is becoming more common everyday. In the current market, gluten-free foods are the biggest sellers in the special diet category and sales of gluten-free products exceeded $9.5 billion in 2013. With an estimated 3 million people diagnosed with celiac disease, the gluten-free food market is adjusting to this demandingly popular trend. However though, being gluten-free has also become a lifestyle choice unrelated to allergy necessities.

  • 27% believe gluten-free foods aid in weight loss
  • 65% of Gluten-free shoppers choose gluten-free products because they perceive them as healthier options
  • 30% of U.S. adults are trying to reduce or elimate gluten from their diets

This has forced the food market to shift towards this trend, creating convenient, healthy, gluten-free options that are high in nutrition. So, what’s hot in the gluten-free market?

  • Amaranth
  • Brown Rice
  • Buckwheat
  • Chia
  • Flax
  • Millet
  • Quinoa

Chances are, if you’re going gluten-free, these nutritious, gluten-free ingredients are options you should visit at the grocery store. But, you can’t live on healthy grains alone! Our delicious, organic, gluten-free dried fruits are amazing for afternoon snacks, ancient grains salads, and a new secret ingriedient in your favorite dishes!

Simplify SummerWritten by Susan Thanavaro | Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Memorial Day is the mark of the start of the summer season and no doubt the beginning of barbeques, swimsuits, and running kids from one activity to the other.  It can be stressful to think of staying in shape for a swimsuit and hectic to worry about eating and preparing healthy meals for you and your family during such a busy time of year. Eating healthy and preparing nourishing ingredients can fall low on the list of priorities when returning home from a long day of fun in the sun. It’s easy to order a pizza or make up a quick batch of macaroni and cheese to please the masses. But, if you plan in advance, not only will your family stay healthy, but preparing summer meals will be much easier to put together at the end of a long summer day!

Here are some easy ways to simplify your summer meals:

>Set aside one day a week to plan out all meals for the week ahead.

>Eat more salads with nutritious toppings, like seeds and dried fruit. For an idea, try our recipe for Cranberry Spinach Salad! So Good!

>Use the grill for your whole meal! Less to clean up is always a good thing!

>Have delicious, nutritious snacks on hand. Our Single Serve Fruit Fusions have less sugar than an apple and only 100 calories, plus they taste great!

>Keep bottles of water around! Often, food cravings can come from a lack of hydration. Water will subside your hunger and keep you feeling great in the hot summer sun!

>Grow your own veggies! Save money at the grocery store by growing your own vegetables. Not only will you find yourself eating healthier, but kids will love growing their own food and be proud of it. The interest will spark a higher appreciation for the food on their plate.

>Keep lunch easy! Leftovers are great for lunch and are easy to pack up and take on the go!

>Use pantry staples to your advantage. Those easy, healthy snacks that are always on hand are perfect for meals. Our organic dried fruit is delicious as a snack and a healthy secret ingredient for an endless possibility of meals. Visit our “recipes” page on our website for more ideas!


Enjoy your summer and keep it simple!


5 Tips to Inspire Your Kids to Eat More Fruit!Written by Susan Thanavaro | Monday, May 5th, 2014

Let’s face it, most kids are picky eaters, and fighting the good fight can be exhausting. It can be hard to find the time or the will to talk your kids into eating their fruit when all they want is a french-fry or a piece of chocolate.  Never fear! We’ve taken the time for you and come up with a few easy tips to entice your children to eat their fruit!

1. Make easy, healthy, kid-friendly recipes that kids will love! Apple wedges dipped in chocolate and oats, banana foster parfaits, white chocolate-cherry bark, and chocolate-peanut butter pudding! The possibilities are endless!

2. Children are more invested in a meal if they help with its preparation. Taking your kids with you to the farmers market or grocery store and letting them pick one or two things to cook for dinner can make them far more excited to eat it later.

3. Creating positive food experiences can decrease picky eating tendencies. Teach your kids that food is fun! Trying new flavors and enjoying the combination of two flavors can be surprisingly fun!

4. One thing you have working in your favor is that children like colorful foods. Fruit is super colorful and can entice children to have fun with their food. You and your kids can talk about your favorite colors and relate the colors of the fruit to familiar objects in nature, like flowers!

5. Children love when their food is designed into patterns on their plate. Creating fun patterns with food or arranging into a smiley face will encourage happy eating!


Our colorful, healthy, and delicious organic dried fruit will teach your kids that fruit is good and good for you! Also, take advantage of our super yummy Single Serve Fruit Fusions! Perfect for “on the go” snacking, so you and your kids don’t have to sacrifice nutrition and flavor for convenience!

Be Good to Yourself!Written by Susan Thanavaro | Monday, April 28th, 2014

Sulfur Dioxide

What is it and why should you care?

At Made In Nature we never use artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives. You may ask why that is so important to us and why we think it should be important to you to. So, let us help explain.

As a common preservative, sulfur dioxide is a chemical that is widely used throughout the food industry. It works as an antimicrobial to maintain a certain physical appearance, such as discoloration. For example, Made in Nature Organic Dried Apricots contain absolutely no sulfur dioxide, therefore, Made in Nature Apricots have a darker color instead of the bright orange conventional apricots that are infused with chemical preservatives. Our delicious organic fruits also contain no added sugar, which is very common with conventional dried fruits that contain sulfur dioxide. The chemical decreases the natural sweetness of the fruits; therefore, sugar has to be added to make the fruits edible.

In addition, those with sensitivities to sulfites can experience severe reactions to the chemical. For individuals with asthma, the ingestion of sulfur dioxide can lead to respiratory issues, and in some cases, death. More common allergic reactions include skin rashes, swelling, fever, and headaches. Sulfite sensitivity and allergy are becoming more common as people are becoming more aware of the chemical usage in their food. People are increasingly able to identify the cause of their discomfort with knowledge of ingredient lists. You only have one body in this life, so, be sure to read the full list of ingredients in your food!

Avoiding chemicals, added sugar, or any other additives is one of the many things that Made in Nature prides itself on. We work hard to provide the best-tasting, safe, organic fruit in the world. It is our goal to ensure that our dried fruits contain one ingredient only: fruit. Enjoy!

Keeping Your Easter Nutritious and OrganicWritten by Susan Thanavaro | Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Quick Tips for Family Health

            Maintaining a healthy diet during the holidays is always a difficult task. It’s easy to go overboard with the leniency that holidays offer. Of course you should enjoy a piece of the chocolate bunny, but everything is all about balance and moderation. To help you out, we have made it our goal to come up with a few tips to help you and your family stay healthy and organic!


Tip #1: Try a healthier alternative for sweet surprises! With the mass amounts of chocolate and other sweet treats, kids are on a high boost of sugar-induced energy while parents are awaiting the inevitable “crash.”  To avoid a fit of sugar overdose, our Organic Single Serve Fusions are sweet and tasty, but most of all- nutritious! A great alternative to the preservative packed, nutrient lacking candy that accompanies Easter. These Single Serve Fusions are perfect for stuffing Easter Eggs and Baskets!


Tip #2: Easter isn’t just all about the kids! Just when you think all the diet threatening holidays are over, Easter hits. Don’t worry- we’ve got your back. Our website is filled with delicious, healthy recipes that are perfect for Easter celebrations. With everything from deviled eggs to appetizers, desserts, and main entrees, our Test Kitchen has come up with recipes that will please a crowd and keep you healthy!


Tip #3: Water- the elixir of life. Just before you are about to start munching, drink a big glass of water. Not only will this keep your body clean of toxins, but also assist in regulating calories and balancing body fluids. This will also help reduce hunger and increase your energy, relieving fatigue. It’s so easy to do and will be insanely beneficial!


Tip #4: Reinvent the classic fruit and cheese plate! Make those traditional dishes more appealing- especially the healthy ones! Our organic dried fruits are absolutely delightful paired with a variety of cheeses. Revamp the fruit platter with an innovative spin using our dried fruits and you’ve got a new appetizer or snack that will entice guests.


Remember, moderation is key! It’s okay to indulge a little. Otherwise, you’ll go crazy! Follow these easy tips and you can enjoy a few bites of something that requires a little restraint. Happy Easter!