At Made in Nature, we have built our reputation on a deep-rooted commitment to offer only the very best and highest quality products. It is a commitment that we take very seriously and we know that you do too and that it is why, as loyal consumers, you trust us.

We also know that for many of you, our Made in Nature Organic Smyrna (Calimyrna) Figs have become a passion and that they are a staple in your healthy diet. Your commitment to this fabulous fruit has made Made in Nature by far the largest marketer of organic figs, representing the vast majority of all figs exported to North America from Turkey.

Unfortunately, because of unusual growing conditions in Turkey, last year’s crop (2014) did not meet our quality standards. From Made in Nature’s sampling of this crop, we found that as many as 20% of the figs tested contained defects ranging from mold, to insect infestation, to severe sour taste.

We worked very closely with our farmers and fig processors in Turkey to find a solution to this difficult situation. But ultimately, we were unable to sell any whole figs this year because one cannot detect these defects from outside the fig. Only by cutting open the fig and doing a visual and olfactory inspection could we be sure the figs were defect-free. As a result, on a limited basis we were able to sell organic quartered figs that had been through a meticulous, labor-intensive inspection process to ensure quality.

We are happy to report that this crop year (2015) which is being harvested in the fields now, looks to be much better in terms of quality. We look forward to shipping the new crop of whole figs within the next few months and having our delicious Made in Nature Organic Smyrna (Calimyrna) Figs back in stock by December of 2015.

Your trust in us is the most valuable thing we have and we hope that you will understand and respect our decision to temporarily suspend the distribution of whole Made in Nature Organic Smyrna (Calimyrna) Figs given the difficult season. The moment that they are available, we will return them to the shelf and you can be assured that they will be of the same high quality and taste that you have come to expect and enjoy under the Made in Nature brand.